ВИСЦЕС, also known as VISCES or the Grey Flame, is a highly advanced artificial intelligence designed by TheLordErelye during the epilogue of Destroy the Godmodder 2. It was designed so fifteen Descendants, henceforth known as the Council of Fifteen, could exist in the Destroy the Godmodder rebooted series with all their memories of the Destroy the Godmodder series, and so they could also serve as the governors of ВИСЦЕС itself, a being of infinite objectivity and knowledge.

The souls of the Council of Fifteen reside within ВИСЦЕС as highly sophisticated programming-based duplicates of their original physical forms. ВИСЦЕС cannot interact with the battlefield directly, and is instead an external force that will be used as a supplier of arcane knowledge.

Name Edit

ВИСЦЕС is Cyrillic for VISCES, which is a word in TheLordErelye's own language, Drenovian. It roughly translates to word-beckoner.

The Council of Fifteen Edit

The Council of Fifteen is the group of people whose souls are sealed within ВИСЦЕС. They are responsible for deciding every action ВИСЦЕС takes, and are for all intents and purposes complete duplicates of the original beings that went into ВИСЦЕС's creation.

The members of the Council of Fifteen are as follows. Each holds a title and an associated Behenian fixed star.

  • Kalare Erelye, character of TheLordErelye. Title: Grayhold Architect. Star: Polaris, Muraqib.
  • Crystal, character of Crystalcat. Title: Guided Hand. Star: Arcturus, the Metaphysical.
  • Battlefury, character of Battlefury. Title: Unholy Trinity. Star: Sirius, the Canine.
  • Split, character of TwinBuilder/SplitSuns. Title: ???. Star: Algol, the Accursed One.*
  • The Scribe, character of TwinBuilder. Title: Pax Minecraftia. Star: Vega, the Judge.
  • Cobalt, character of CobaltShade. Title: O5-32. Star: Aldebaran, the Vernal One.
  • Shenelsky, character of Nimbleguy. Title: Fractured Whole. Star: Pleiades, the Seven.
  • Tempo, character of Insert_Generic_Username. Title: Reverse English. Star: Antares, the Autumnal One.
  • Nyarly, character of OldSithRevan. Title: The Crawling Chaos. Star: Scheddi, the Shifting One.
  • Bomber, character of Bomber57. Title: Living Fuse. Star: Procyon, the Capitalist.
  • Astria, character of The_Serpent. Title: Electron and Positron. Star: Regulus, the Great Heat.
  • Soup, character of Fseftr. Title: Meme Queen. Star: Algorab, the Crow.
  • The Sleuth, character of Irecreeper. Title: Chaos' Butterfly. Star: Alphecca, the Idol.
  • Mardek, character of Cyanogynist. Title: Knife's Edge. Star: Spica, the Uplifted One.
  • Hezetor, character of Hezetor. Title: The Stand. Star: Capella, the Heart.

*The holder of Algol used to be Zetta, character of The_Nonexistent_Tazz, but they were removed from ВИСЦЕС due to complications, and Split took their place.

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