Abeneautmal, also known as Abe and formerly known as zerithos, is a player of several games in the Destroy the Godmodder series. They appeared first in Destroy the Godmodder 2, slowly gaining minor importance before leaving abruptly. Eventually, they returned in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. Shortly after, they joined Destroy the Godmodder: Terraria Edition, and later, pionoplayer's spinoff game, Destroy the Simumodder. They have played as Anti-Godmodder in every game (Anti-Zero in DTG0) they have appeared in.

Abeneautmal has played a variety of seemingly unconnected characters (three separate characters in Destroy the Godmodder 2 alone), each with very different typing and play styles. It is not clear which character most closely represents Abeneautmal.

Synopsis Edit

DTG2 Edit

Appearing under the name zerithos, Abeneautmal's first actions were mostly insignificant. After a few posts, zerithos stopped posting for several turns, before reappearing with a fresh start. From here, Abeneautmal's actions as zerithos began to grow in complexity and importance, though remained relatively small.

DTG0 Edit

Starting long after the move to Terraria Forums, Abeneautmal began this game at the onset of the Anime Girl Plague event, and participated in developing the cure.They use a mysterious character that has yet to be fully revealed, but appears to have powerful telepathy.

DTG: Terraria Edit

Abeneautmal joined this game late in its running, close before the GM switch from Crystal to Trickle. They immediately began to assail the Godmodder using a play style seemingly based on command prompts. After three attemtpts to attack the Godmodder with anvils, Abeneautmal finally succeeded with 1 damage. After the GM change, they fought against the Experiment #1 boss, achieving some significance through creative combinations of different alchemies.

Simumodder Edit

Not much is known about Abeneautmal in this game. So far, they have acted with reference to compute code and data corruption, using only teleportation.

Entities Edit

Destroy the Godmodder 2 Edit

Alchemies Edit

Destroy the Godmodder 2 Edit

Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins Edit

Destroy the Godmodder: Terraria Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Abeneautmal's posting style in Destroy the Simumodder is based off of the horror series Correspondence on r/nosleep.
  • Abeneautmal's third character in Destroy the Godmodder 2 is based off of the Armed With Wings games.

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