Agents are a series of very powerful beings created during the Cataclysm, an event in which the Conflict was shattered by the Narrative. They are some of the most important antagonists in the Destroy the Godmodder series, as they represent the very concept of antagonism. There are an unknown but very large amount of Agents hiding throughout Fiction, subtly manipulating the antagonists of various stories into working against the story's proper ends, trying to undo the Narrative from the inside out.

During Destroy the Godmodder 2, some of the Conflict's Agents were able to reconvene with each other thanks to the machinations of the Employer, who desired to reform the entire Conflict. Only when the Conflict could be wholly reformed could it hope to topple the Narrative's hold on Fiction, breaking reality and creating a lawless soup of antagonism. More Agents were shown at the tail end of DTG2, as well as in its epilogue. The Pinary ARG in particular discussed many Agents not shown in DTG2.

The epilogue showed the ultimate fate of the Conflict's Agents - nearly every Agent of the Conflict was able to meet up and participate in the final battle against the Narrative at the Ends of the Earth, the Final Conflict. The majority of the Conflict's Agents were killed off during this battle, which lasted until the end of Fiction.

List of AgentsEdit

Red Dragon Edit

Sphere of Influence: Oblivion, Corruption.                                                                                                              Corresponding Villains: Herobrine, Rage, Terror, Insanity, Hatred, Loathing, Fear, etc.

The Red Dragon, also known as the Red Sea, or its true name Brine is a primordial entity resembling a bright red dragon of nigh infinite size which is locked up in the deepest areas of Minecraft, existing long before Minecraft was a universe. The Red Dragon was eventually locked up in a dimension that soon became the Nether by the group of nine powerful Endermen known as the Chosen Few.