Alternia was a gray planet that belonged to a universe making up half of Universe A, Homestuck. was is an important location in the Destroy the Godmodder series because of its ties to Homestuck. Alternia was home to the trolls, particularly the Homestuck Trolls, aliens who played a session of the SBURB and, in doing so, created the other half of Universe A, the universe of the Homestuck Kids. The planet also had two moons, with one being green and the other pink. The green moon was the home of Doc Scratch, and it was where his Manor and Tower were located. After Scratch's defeat at the hands of the players, Lord English cut the green moon in half.

Alternia was destroyed in Trial 7, when Project Binary and the Employer traveled to it in the First Block. They slammed one half of the green moon into the main planet, killing everyone on the planet and its moons, including the Felt and the Midnight Crew. As one of the members of the Felt, Snowman, destroys the universe upon their death, the trolls' half of Universe A was completely destroyed as a result.

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