“You boys never seen a nuke up close? Lemme fix that. ”

Amperzand was a major Anti-Godmodder player in Destroy the Godmodder 2.

He was known for the orbital cannon GAHMD {Gravitational Acceleration Heavy Mass Driver}, and its upgrade, the RPLS-SH {Relativistic Projectile Launch System-Super Heavy}. There was also a secondary upgrade, the A/E-IC {Alchemical/Eldritch Infusion Complex}. When fully charged and using the A/E-IC, it was one of the more powerful multiple use weapons in DTG2, with its first shot dealing 150,000 damage.

Among his other major creations was the Manufactory Anachron, a huge orbital mining facility and shipyard, which served as his base of operations and a point of connection for the RPLS-SH, and the Demimech/APAWA, a heavily charged suit of heavy power armour, which served as a major point of roleplay and combat effectiveness throughout DTG2.

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