The Ancestral Artifacts are a set of items in the Destroy the Godmodder series belonging to the first Terror Mobs ever created. They each have mastery over a specific power, and when all of them are gathered together with the Disc of Mojang, they will turn the wielder into a Psi-Godmodder. After the Psi-Godmodder's death, the Artifacts were scattered across Minecraft.

The Artifacts are the Ancestral Gunpowder, which governs destruction, the Ancestral Flesh, which governs decay, the Ancestral Bone, which governs death, the Ancestral Silk, which governs control, and the Ancestral Eye, which governs creation. The Artifacts made their way to GodCraft, with the Gunpowder coming in the hands of The_Serpent, the Eye resting in the End, and the other three Artifacts appearing in temples scattered across the server, recovered by random players.

The Godmodder obtained every Artifact, but Doc Scratch used the Disc of Mojang to steal them and become the Psi-Godmodder. The players destroyed each Artifact by going through gauntlets based around the elements they governed, eventually canceling Scratch's Psi-Godmodding powers. During Act 5, Alpha obtained an alternate Trifecta's Artifacts, becoming a Psi-Godmodder himself.