Arachna the Spider Queen
Arachna the Spider Queen
Arachna as she appears in Realm of the Mad God.
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder
Summoner ninjatwist321
Charge Time 40 posts
Page Summoned 3??
Page Killed N/A
Battlefield Stats
HP 80,000.
Attack Power ~4,000.
Special Abilities Controls an area known as the Spider Web, which can hold up to 7 entities. Can only attack entities in the Spider Web.

Arachna the Spider Queen was a 40-charge summon by ninjatwist321 in Destroy the Godmodder 2. She was an enormous green spider with black splotches from Realm of the Mad God. She could be summoned due to the Mental Access Chair, a device in The Shadows Complex that allowed ninjatwist321 to talk to his past self, who was much less arachnophobic.


The Spider Queen had a relatively meager health pool, but attacked from the safety of its web while safely guarding it. She was able to shoot or blast venom at its opponents, or simply bite them, and could put up a fight while still remaining in safety. Any assisting entities that were also in the Spider web were able to be bitten as well, but when biting an allied entity, the toxin switched to a medicinal substance, healing the targeted ally. 20% of all enemy entities were afraid of Arachna.

Spider WebEdit

Arachna's nest was able to hold 7 entities, including the Queen. Non-AG entities would be slowed down while inside the web, and were unable to attack. It was invincible while Arachna the Spider Queen was alive.