battlefury13's old Minecraft skin.

battlefury13 is a major player of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. He was Anti-Zero, but later defected to the Pro-Zeroes, becoming the first player in 0rigins to betray a godmodder. He also destroyed the Imperator Class Chef Titan, and glitched the Hyperstorm to death.

Summons and Spoils of War Edit


  • The Donation Spambots [Mind Controlled to [PZ]
  • The Uncreativity Monster [AZ]
  • The Alpha Spambot [AZ]
  • The Annoying Dog [N, practically PZ]
  • Toby Dog. Summoned from the Annoying Dog. [N, but practically PZ]
  • Genesis Dog [N]

Spoils of War:

Weath Ray (Droped by the Hyperstorm [GS]

Chef-Class Imperator Titan : Cutlery of the Cooking gods

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