“Did you see the test I gave IKEA? Do you think he'll pass?”
W32Coravint, #DTG2

“No one will be able to pass that test”
TwinBuilder, #DTG2

CobaltShade DTG2 Stage 1 Smaller

CobaltShade's avatar, depicting his Minecraft character conversing with one of his AIs.

CobaltShade is an Anti-Godmodder Descendant in Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator! He is played by W32Coravint.

Cobalt's symbol on Bill Cipher's Zodiac, as with all of W32Coravint's characters, is Acid Man, representing his frequent use of and strange obsession with fluoroantimonic acid.

Cobalt's chumhandle is chemicalAssailant [CA] (#60A080).

History in DTG2Edit

Cobalt was on an egregiously long programming marathon during Acts 1 and 2, as well as much of Act 3. He returned to his gaming computer to discover it had been taken by the Operation.

He fought the Glitch, most notably by sacrificing himself at the Suicide Door and participating in a chain attack to defeat the animatronic mercenaries. He also participated in generating life energy to heal Bill Cipher's eye.

During the Trials, he contributed charges to increase the AG's max health stats from 20 to 25. In the fourth Trial, he used his Comb Rave, All for One, which, combined with Generic's comb rave, Octet Hell, took out Psi-Scratch's health bar.


Main article: CobaltShade/Alchemies

Cobalt has created a total of 115 alchemies. A few of the most notable ones are:

  • The Unicoder (Unicode 7.0 Compendium && Scribe's Wands): Text input wands that support the entirety of ISO 10646. This power was abused to allow it to function as a magic wand.
  • Origin Wands (Unicoder && Warded Jar containing Fabrico): A set of wands that can create anything and everything. Cobalt duplicated a few of these as a Christmas gift. They were promptly abused and given out to everyone. They were directly referenced in one of the segments of Trial 4.
  • Cobalt's Testwriter (Deadly Tests && M60 && Typewriter && Cobalt's DNA): Made with his tests and his DNA, his Testwriter was made as a method of delivering deadly tests to anything that might get in his way and a commemoration of the deadly test given to King Ikea.