A basic Construct, in the style of the Vitruvian Man. A new weapon is also shown.

Constructs were entities summoned by ninjatwist321 in Destroy the Godmodder 2. They acted as pawns and workers, and also had a role on the battlefield.

Constructs were creatures created to serve and do the brunt work more efficiently than humans. However, being large minions, stealth missions and strategies were best left to the humans in ninjatwist321's task force. Designed to be tanky, they had a relatively large pool of health compared to most underlings, being able to take multiple hits before dying whilst still dealing out decent damage.

In BattleEdit

Constructs were originally going to have 9,000 health and an attack damage of 3,000, and could be deployed at any time in waves of 5. However, these animated statues used to take quite a while to transfer between stationed battlefields. They were given new, complex mechanics and stats later on.

These new Constructs had 10,000 health and dealt 4,000 damage with their basic attack, Skull Splitter, a downward smash with their mighty hammer. Constructs also had Shin Sweep, a sweeping technique with a hammer that debilitated the target but only dealt 2,000 damage. They could later adopt a Blocking Stance, in which they blocked 75% of enemy attacks for the remainder of the turn.

They also had several passive abilities. They were loyal only to Ninjatwist, and took 40% less damage from enemies that attacked in numbers (This project to give a buff to their armor was called Project Minion Killer by Shadows Officers). However, they were vulnerable in one spot. Hitting a Construct in their Gem imbued with lightning magic, a Construct's power source, caused it to become debilitated for the remainder of the turn and the turn following.

Constructs, learning to attack in numbers, approached the battlefield in bands of nine - 3 Wood, 3 Rock, and 3 Steel. However, the imbuing process took much longer to achieve, as the Gem in the center was what made a Construct tick. Therefore, they could only be deployed every 3 turns.

Different materials granted Constructs different passive effects. Wood Constructs were cursed with less health, but regenerated by 1,000 every turn. Stone Constructs dished out less damage but were immune to status effects. Steel Constructs healed at half the normal amount, but could transfer negative effects to enemies by attacking them.

Constructs were eventually targeted by the Curse of Repetitiveness, and became completely useless by the Massive Battle of Armies.