DCCCV is the name of both a character and player in DTG.

DCCCV as a Person Edit

DCCCV was the last player to join Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins.

DCCCV as a Character Edit

DCCCV, real name Simeon, is a Descendant who has ostensibly participated in at least two godmodding conflicts. He may or may not actually be made from an incredibly tightly wound time loop, a million angry alligators, or a collection of gears and shadowstuff.

History Edit

DTG0 Edit

DCCCV appeared right before the game ended. His first post was making some magic-related alchemies, and charging up to summon Makuta. What happened to afterwards is unknown, due to the game ending.

Terraria Edit

He has also appeared near the end of Terraria, where he joined the PGs, made a bunch of entropy-themed weapons, and then tried to shoot Alpha. He may or may not have obtained the resources to create an extremely high-level alchemy, too.

Trivia Edit

  • He posted only once in DTG0.