The Deudly Magnum is a Spoil of War and major weapon in Destroy the Godmodder 2. It is Doc Scratch's main weapon, taking the appearance of a polished white revolver. The weapon uses miniature cueballs as ammo, which are capable of killing their target in one shot. However, it could only be used once.

The Magnum was first used by Doc Scratch in Act 2, when he took a cueball someone dropped earlier in the Act and used it to one-shot Build right after he successfully beat Split in his Shatter. Scratch then usurped the story and took over the role of Game Master for a time. However, he did not use the Magnum during his Strife against the players. When he was beaten, PitTheAngel took the Magnum as a Spoil of War.

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The Magnum was then held onto by Pit for the majority of the game, even after he left it for a time. During Pit's absence, Build managed to acquire the Deudly Magnum from the Void while traveling through it in Act 4. Build then held onto the Magnum until he touched down on GodCraft in Trial 6. The Magnum was finally used during the End of Act 4, when Build combined it with Oblivion's Guardian to create Chemotherapy. The resulting weapon was then used to kill Project Binary for good, erasing him from existence.

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