The Disc of Mojang being pulled from the First Block by Doc Scratch's Quills of Echidna.

The Disc of Mojang is one of the four Void Artifacts of Destroy the Godmodder 2. There is one for every Minecraft world, and they are all guarded through some kind of Gauntlet: the Psi-Godmodder's was guarded by Team Mojang, and GodCraft's was guarded by Doc Scratch. The Disc of Mojang lets its wielder do anything, but only once. Alongside the Ancestral Artifacts, it is needed for a being to become the next Psi-Godmodder.

In DTG2, the Disc of Mojang was used in conjunction with the First Block to repair GodCraft's Fourth Wall, stopping the Homestuck Invasion. The Disc was later retrieved by Doc Scratch, who used it to become the Psi-Godmodder. During Love the Godmodder 2: Love Harder, the players found another Disc of Mojang and used it to break Scratch's, removing him from Psi-Godmodderhood. This Alternate Disc of Mojang was used in Trial 5 alongside the Key to end the Operation once and for all.

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