The Ends of the Earth are a location at the edge of Fiction within the Destroy the Godmodder series. It is described as an inhospitable mountain range with dark skies, howling winds, and peaks that stretch into infinity. The Ends of the Earth are home to The Gate, a construction that requires the nine Curses of the Order to open. Behind it is What Lies Beyond, a powerful entity that is said to be Fiction's closest approximation to death. The Ends of the Earth also hosted the Final Conflict, a battle between the Narrative and the Conflict during Destroy the Godmodder 2's epilogue. The Ends of the Earth were presumably totaled in the carnage.

The location shares its name with a puzzle-based text adventure created by TwinBuilder on the DTG Discord known as Ends of the Earth. It is centered around solving a series of cryptic puzzles and riddles to piece together eight pages from the Scribe's Journal, which seem to tell a story of him getting to the Ends of the Earth and unlocking the Gate itself. It is unknown if this is an actual prophecy or merely a fantasy.

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