“"I'm ready, I made a hat"”

Summary Edit

Enerald Mann (also known as Enerald_Mann, Emerald Mann, and Zyngard) is one of the newer members of the DTG community, but is rather active, taking part in a multitude of various DTG games, including many spinoffs, DTG0, and DTG: Terraria. Not much is known

Background Edit

Enerald originally found DTG through DTG: Acolyte, at which point he became interested in DTG as a whole. He eventually found the DTG Forums, and from there began branching out into several different DTG games.

Characters Edit

Enerald: This character is his main character, taking place in several different games, having vastly different play styles in each game. Enerald is a Modgodder, a currently unknown position, which he is the creator and only one of, based of Godmodding. Enerald is Enerald_Mann's character in DTG: Chaos, DTG0, DTG: Terraria, Simumodder, Pain and Suffering, and O(N^N)

Irae Mortiferum (previously known as Urken): Irae is Enerald_Mann's character in Lyrascape. They're a Glass Cannon who's rather insane. Backstory unknown

Kagami: Enerald_Mann's planned character for Thymium. Little is known about them, but they have the ability to temporarily transform themselves into someone who is close enough, and is a Jack of all trades. Backstory unknown. Mirror Themed

Alchemies Edit

The Bullet That Can Kill Time: a bullet that shoots guns that shoot bullets. With The Gun That Can Kill Time, has the ability to Kill Time.

Important Contributions Edit

  • Killed the Evil Chicken God in Acolyte.
  • Had stupidly high HP in Chaos, before changing builds to a DPS

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