“Life is horrible, and then you die.”
engie_ninja, Destroy the Godmodder

Engie ninja

One of Engie's drones.

Engie_Ninja is a major player of the Destroy the Godmodder series. He played as an Anti-Godmodder during Destroy the Godmodder, Neutral in Destroy the Godmodder 2, and Pro-Zero in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. He also participated in Destroy the Godmodder: TV Tropes Edition.

He is known for being random in terms of attack style and entity summons, and for being incredibly overpowered lore-wise. Engie owns Engietech, a company based on selling weapons, and has gained massive profits thanks to DTG. He is a Universe Eater, a race of immensely powerful entities that must eat universes to survive. Engie is also known for creating the Hostile faction and summoning THE OPERATOR. His assistants include Purple (an energy/code being who is colored purple), Techpiece (an assassin who types in orange all-caps), and MAG Agent Torture (who does not speak).

Engie's Ancestor is the Hidden.

Engie's symbol on Bill Cipher's Zodiac is Escutcheon, referencing the Arc Symbol of THE OPERATOR.

His chumhandle is gyrokineticAnnihilator [GA] (696969).

Relationships Edit

Blue Edit

Engie has a very obvious crush on Blue. The reasoning behind this has yet to be explained, however, it seems to be for the best as, where Engie would normally just kill everyone and call it a Tuesday, he's been noted for sparing someone at Blue's request.

The IUPC Edit

Having fought the IUPC before during a war, Engie does not get along that well with any member of the IUPC. This goes double for the original team that took part in the war.

Project Binary Edit

Despite acknowledging Project Binary as a fellow conqueror and an AI, Engie does not get along well with Binary due to the two being on opposite sides. His later characters seem to loathe Binary and any entity related to him, up to and including the Conflict itself.