Flowey the Flower was a supplementary antagonist of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins and the main antagonist of the game Undertale. He was accidentally summoned by the Scribe, who meant to create a Yggdrasil Seed but ended up giving Flowey a chance to appear in the game. Flowey was drawn to DTG0 because of The Nonexistent Tazz, who, as a Game Master, has a higher level of determination than Flowey.

After being summoned, Flowey began to manipulate the Scribe into feeling like everyone was against him, eventually convincing him and five other players to take their own lives. Flowey used these six souls to supercharge himself into the terrifying Omega Flowey, a gargantuan boss fueled with the power of six 50-post charges.

Omega Flowey also ended up being responsible for summoning the third Gatekeeper, Chara, to the field. However, before the entity could do much damage, Tazz requested it be removed due to its massive size making updates almost impossible. Omega Flowey did a massive attack as a last hurrah before being removed as an entity. The boss dropped the Golden Aster as a Spoil of War.

After Omega Flowey was unsummoned, Flowey's whereabouts are unknown.

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