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This is a list of Gutza1's entities created during Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!

DTG2 Entities Edit

  • [AG] Physics Cannon:  HP: 120,000/120,000. Uses physics inaccuracies pointed out by players to deal damage.
  • [AG] Science Cannon:  HP: 170,000/170,000. Uses scientific inaccuracies pointed out by players to deal damage. Upgraded version of Physics Cannon.
  • [AG] Logic Cannon:  HP: 200,000/200,000. Uses logical or scientific inaccuracies pointed out by players to deal damage. Upgraded version of Science Cannon.
  • [AG] Futurama Gate: HP: 200,000/200,000. Summons fighters and carriers in waves. Each wave also has a mothership associated with it. DOOP Attack Craft: 500/500 HP. (x100.) DOOP Destroyer: 15,000/15,000 HP. Nimbus (Mothership): Nimbus: 90,000/90,000 HP. Has a chance to make tactical errors. Kingdom Come: IIII. Omnicronian Saucer: 750/750 HP. (x40.) Omnicronian Mega Saucer: 20,000/20,000 HP. Omnicronian Mothership: 100,000/100,000 HP. Independence Day: IIII.
  • [PL] Leela:  HP: 10,000/10,000. Respawns: Final Day: IIII
  • [PL] Farnsworth:  HP: 10,000/10,000. Respawns: Remote Control: IIII
  • [PL] Amy:  HP: 10,000/10,000. Respawns: Antidoubler: IIII
  • [PL] Zoidberg:  HP: 10,000/10,000. Respawns: Universal Grip: IIII
  • [PL] Bender:  HP: 10,000/10,000. Respawns: Overdrive: IIII
  • [H] The Hypnotoad: HP: 250,000/250,000.
  • [AG] Doctor Octogonapus: HP: 50,000/50,000. Robot: 70,000/70,000 HP. D.O.B.: BLAAAAAAAAGH. The robot must be attacked first before Doctor Octogonapus himself can be attacked.
  • [AG] Sanic Hegehog: HP: 160,000/160,000.

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