“My name is Hezetor, king of modules: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
Hezetor, in a rare moment of modesty

What follows is a list of the alchemies crafted or owned by Hezetor.

DTG:0 AlchemiesEdit





Flying Throne

Throne && Flight System


A throne of metallic material, capable of granting the flying in game status to the one who sits it

Portable Factory

Factory || Portable Computer


A Pocket-sized device that is really a fully-autonomous factory! You can tell it what you want to make, and it will make it in due time!

Module of Good Robot Creation

Module && Tome of Robot Mastery


This is basically the AI's guide on how to make efficient, practical robots of any given design, it allows any modular device to produce robots.

Nerve Laser Gun Mk. 1

Laser Gun && Novichok Agent


The 1st of the Nerve Laser Gun series. It's lasers cause significantly painful paralysis in whoever is shot combined with deadly laser

Module of Extreme Metallurgy

Module || (energy field generators && particle beams generators)


This module allows to work with super dense and super hard metals, now the production of incredibly big and complex machines is possible.

Module of Advanced Machining

Module || (advanced multi tool && robotic hands)


This module allows to mass-produce hight-technology with ease, shaping and adapting material as desired. This faster the production of everything of a great deal.

Module of Great Cooling

Module || (fan && ice)


This module allows to manipulate to a certain degree temperature, in particular lowering it. It is of incredible use to make all heat machine more efficient.

Orb of Pure Energy

Created by charge.


Completely transparent orb capable of manipulating energy with ease in a small area around its user.

Module of Weapons Production

Module || (laser gun && blank book)


Allows for the production of weapons of all types, optimizing and defining the process of the creation of weapons. A factory with this can create a giant ship armed with thousand of laser turrets with ease. An armor can produce appropriate weapons on the spot.

Module of Machine Regeneration

Module || (repair kit && nanobot)


It gives the ability to produce a swarm of nanobots that can repair damage over time. Mechanical entities created by a factory have a regenerating factor thanks to this.

Module of Plasma Manipulation

Module || (electromagnetic generator (high intensity low frequency) )


Allows a factory to create plasma weaponry and to use more efficient means of production based on plasma technology. A weapon would be able to fire plasma. In general the manipulation of a state of matter should not be underestimated.

Module of Energy Shield Manipulation

Module || (hyper concentrated magnetic field generator && energy field generators)


All units produced by a factory equipped with this posses an internal device that continuously shields them by external damage.

Module of Stasis Manipulation

Module || stasis field


The ability to put in stasis atoms allows for an easier manipulation of the basic fabric of reality and controlling the decay of particles through the use of local stasis fields are the basics of this technology. New weapons systems can be created that manipulate all four primary energy sources at once.

Module of Atomic Manipulation

Module || particle accelerator


Hydrogen and Radon are one and the same when you can manipulate atoms. A factory equipped with this would be able to synthesize incredibly rare or resistant materials, literally, from air.

Module of Mind Network

Module || paper with written over the spell "Telepathic Bond, Lesser"


"We are now one"


Module && flying module


It grants the ability to fly


Factory && Advanced Machine Block && Computer


A vanilla version of the Alchemiter. Sadly, given the presence of the upgraded one one the field, this is pretty much useless.

Modular Magnum

44 Magnum && Container for modules


You know how the 44 Magnum is the best handgun ever made, right? Well, this is the best modular handgun ever made.

Modular Armor

Iron Armor && Container for Modules


A normal looking full plate armor made of iron, it is capable of accepting modules and evolving beyond this simple form.

Throne of the Skies

Flying Throne > Fine


This bad boy has more manoeuvrability and regal appearance than the Flying Throne, and as a bonus, it comes with a portable laser with which to shoot any who get close. Really, all-around awesome. I actually want this.

Orb of Spacetime Manipulation

Orb of Pure Energy > Fine


This expands on the ability to maniuplate energies and furthers the concept to include all matter as well. It's range and strength are still limited, but it's a handy tool for a variety of purposes.

Orb of Voidial Manipulation

Orb || (Void && Null)


This orb is a pitch-black color and emits a strong output of void power. This bad boy allows the manipulation of void, which includes the concealment of items, enveloping entities in a cloak of void for damage (Void is bad for the health), and other such things.

Quantum Infinitet

Infinity Sided die && Quantum Computer


This is basically a Paradox waiting to happen.

Library of Babel Simulation

Piece of paper with written over the algorithm for the Library of Babel && Computer


A computer designed to carry out endless Library of Babel algorithms forever. It holds all that will and could ever be written ever, sadly in an disorganized form.

The Power Glove

Power Glove || (Java Virtual Machine && an old magazine on cheats && list of Minecraft commands && command block)


The Power Glove is a coding-based artifact that allows you to tap into every cheat and trick you can possibly do in Minecraft and beyond. It's sadly underwhelming despite the implications, and completely dwarfed by the Superpower Glove...But everyone loves the Power Glove. It's so bad!

Punch Card Shunt

Module && Alchemiter


It's a small upgrade to the Alchemiter that allows you to install various modules-taking the form of punched cards-to give the Alchemiter quick and simple upgrades. This cuts down time needed to make upgrades for the alchemiter CONSIDERABLY. It will now take 2/3rds the time it would take to install Alchemiter upgrades in the future!

Plasma shield

Personal shielding device && Plasma Generator


It's a shield made of plasma. It covers whatever it can in a skin-tight thing. can block most things, and is burning hot to the touch (It requires heat-proofed armor to use, in fact) so punching stuff while this is active is actually a pretty viable tactic. Plus, it recharges over time, and surprisingly fast. Boring-sounding, but oh-so practical if you have the right armor (if you don't, this just burns yourself). Equipping this will give you +1 Armor, but unless you already have armor, it will also permanently burn you, meaning you take 1 damage every turn until you get it off.

Module of Total Manipulation

Module of atomic manipulation && Module of stasis manipulation && Module of quantum manipulation (neutrinos)


"Everything is under my iron fist".

At the Speed of Zeno

A piece of paper with Zeno's paradox written over && Dalenesimi-lenik


This object allows the user to move at paradoxical speed: the user is capable of doing a certain action or a certain sequence of actions in a certain amount of time, the distance of time from an action an the another is halved every time as well as the time for performing the action itself, thus performing a supertask: executing an infinite amount of actions in a finite amount of time. WARNING: moving at paradoxical speed might create paradoxes, use with caution.

Glove of the Moon

Gifted by Santa


It has minor power over the Moon and Moon related things.

Babel Breaker

Library of Babel Simulation && Matrice Limitativa


Does not grant omniscience, sadly, shaped as an hexagon as all the rooms in the Library, this device allows the user to look for information by searching a certain sequence of words or by exploring the Library. The books of the Library contains 26 letters, comma, space and period, the utility of the matrice limitativa allows to eliminate the randomness in the books.

Metallica Module

Module && Mithril && Orichalcum && Adamantium


Mixing the various proprieties from different materials this module allows any modular equipment to gain said proprieties improving protection from both magical and physical attacks. (aka +1 armor) Can be used to make the production of said materials more easy if used on a proper factory.

Module di Autoguida Avanzato

Module || Sistema di Autoguida Avanzato


It grants the ability to evade upcoming attack to a certain degree granting a flat 10% dodge chance.

Throne of the skies (modular upgrade)

Throne of the skies && Module


What could you ask from the magnificent throne that can already carry you around with stile and destroy your enemies with laser neurotoxins? The ability to install modules of course! A comfortable compartment under the right arm has all the space you may need for your wonderful modules, mixing utility with stile.

Module of superior metallurgy

Module || A book on ultra-dense extrusion


Using ultra-dense extrusion it is possible to create metals so dense that they can successfully protect from non baryonic particles. In general this technology is also necessary to correctly manipulate said particles safely.

Module of the Titan Patriarch

Module && Zweihander && Chaos Flame Ember && Soul of a Great Hero


There is a legend of an unbeatable warrior and father, who lost his son and wife to a terrible war, and in response, unleashed untold havoc upon his foes with a blade and flames of pure chaos. He was indomitable, ferocious, relentless, and near to invincible, and his presence alone was enough to get lesser forces in full retreat. His terrible visage still haunts the minds of many in the realm of ordeals and souls of pure darkness-even the most powerful beings of this world would give this man a wide breadth should they ever meet. This legend has never died, and this module draws upon his power. Naturally, it has the best effect on armor pieces and two-handed swords, though it may be applied to almost any piece of equipment-though it is speculated that attaching it to a throne is in some manner suicidal. Just don't tell anyone you leveled up Dex.

Restoration Module

Module && scroll with written over the spell "Major regeneration" && scroll with written over the spell "Greater restoration"


This module is imbued with the magical power of the spell "Major Regeneration" allowing all who use it to heal over time.


Knife dropped by Chara


It is just an at-this-time capped level alchemy. Chara took it to its absolute limit but he was his own power-it's one you're unlikely to replicate in full, a knife infused with the power of Determination. It shines with a read gleam but is otherwise unremarkable.

Module of Duplication

Module || ( Alchemiter && Core of Matter)


Allows the Alchemiter to infinitely duplicate any alchemy that already exists.

Module of the Red Sun

Module && Miniature Red Sun


Possessing but the slightest fraction of the power of the Red Sun, attaching this to an item that can accept modules will grant it the fearsome power of the Red Sun, with all that entails. Don't mess around with this.

Module of the Green Sun

Module && Miniature Green Sun


Possessing but the slightest fraction of the power of the Green Sun, attaching this to an item that can accept modules will grant it the fearsome power of the Green Sun, with all that entails. Don't mess around with this.

Miniature Red Sun

Miniature Green Sun /\/



Miniature Green Sun

Miniature Red Sun /\/ (Alternative: Orb of Radioactivity /\/ Scratcher)


A miniature model of the Green Sun, holding only a septillionth of a septillionth of its true power. Of course, this should be more than enough to supercharge most known weapons.

Miniature Spiral Sun

Miniature Green Sun && Miniature Red Sun


The combination of two wholly separate suns of infinite fury in miniature form, with all the dread power that implies. the Alchemiter can produce these for about 15 seconds before they explode violently, akin to an Unstable Ingot. The only stable storage in existence is the inventory. The sheer volatility of the blast itself justifies its level, though any practical use of this item will require more work.

Module of the Spiral Sun

Module || Miniature Spiral Sun


If you are thinking that this alchemy is really different from the regular Spiral Sun, think again. The power of the Spiral Sun is only Level 15, but unlike its unmerged counterparts, the power to actually use it is much higher, and probably not going to be contained in a singular module. Safely.

Stabilized Miniature Spiral Sun

Miniature Spiral Sun || ( (Quantum Computer && Miniature Solar Core) || (Matrice Limitativa && Orb of Pure Energy && Stasis Field) ) = Stabilized Miniature Spiral Sun



Ircucvci /\/


The sister sword to Ircucvci, both forged by the legendary unnamed Blacksmith that later went on to create War. Its plain white form with a circular pommel resembling a cueball belies its true power. Caledfwlch shares some of Icrucvci's powers over time, though trades slight ice powers for slight fire powers, harnessing the sickest burns for the most lethal verbal smackdowns you've ever seen. Either way, though, the blade itself is the real calling point. Unlike Icrucvci's invincible blade, which can withstand any force brought against it, Caledfwlch's edge is so sharp that it's not only just excessively sharp, but due to its construction, can rend the concept of invulnerability and immortality around it, and in general rend the forces of plot. This makes it ideal against anything with any protection from either plot force, and has time and again showed up as a sword used to beat back Agents, as well as one of the only tools capable of bringing harm to Lord English, among other vaunted abilities. It has shown up time and again across fiction, in different hands and occasionally by different names. Caledfwlch is the true and first name of this legendary weapon, though some more informally refer to it by its most popular name, Excalibur.

Devouring Dusters

Gift from Santa


A set of Brass Knuckles that have a mouth and thus disportionately powerful jaws to their size. Just holding this in your hands makes its one true hunger known-for modules, of any and all kinds. It draws upon the strength of its wielder to attack, but cannot do so well. However, it may also be fed modules. This destroys the Module permanently, but there is no physical limit to how many Modules the Devouring Dusters can eat. Ingesting them gives the Devouring Dusters their power. Whoever made these had a fierce hatred of Module-based weaponry, and clearly made this to counter that nonsense.

The Stick of Truth

Gift from Santa


Let's be clear. The Stick of Truth is claimed to have control over the universe. This is false, and made up entirely by children for a game they played. It certainly escalated, sure, but the point stands. It never has, and never did. It isn't without power, but it is without that power. The power it does have, however, makes it impressively valuable. Its power is that the Stick is basically a very subtle, but very powerful, weapon over Order. It can do nothing overtly-a fool can break it with ease, even! However, it would basically take Omniscience to detect changes made by the stick. It does all that it does with such stealthy tread that you'd believe it to be ninja-like. Rules are obeyed, irrevocably, even over the laws of physics, but it is never, ever overt, and cannot be used in such a manner that it would be discovered-the Stick seems precognizant in this regard, and thus well-adapted more to manipulating the actions of others to forcibly conform. They won't even think that the Stick is behind these actions, even if they know of the stick's abilities already. In other words: If ever there was a justification for things like people being physically unable to be harmed by splash damage without any clear indicator why and every reason that they should... This may be why. Very, very few actually know that the Stick even has any power. After all, a machine so great and omnipresent tends to get ignored. Like Gravity.


Gift from Santa

8 In its base form, this deceptive Office Chair is little different from a regular office chair, simply lacking stitching of any kind. If in the presence of a Throne, however (and don't ask how it can detect this), this odd device will absorb the throne to gain the throne's powers, if any exist. In time, it could grow into the Throne of All Thrones. Unfortunately, there is a downside; whoever may wield this is the eternal enemy of the Chairheir, whoever that may be. Small office chair, made of a leathery black material but looking mildly off.
The Supreme Miniature Factory Miniature Factory || Module && "Assembly Line expert guide to an efficient factory" && Factory && Alchemiter && ISO's newest release 15 It's back, now in a better and much more efficient form, the good old all-purpose-easy-to-carry factory, capable of creating units, and maybe alchemies given the new alchemiter, fully capable of modular support to become much more efficient and for the better and faster creation of all one could ever desire. In general the creation of stronger units will take more time, while weaker units may be created on the spot.
Magetear Droplet Deals 15 A compressed drop of pure magetear, composed of a full bucket's worth. The formless substance glows with a cosmic background, peering into the stellar realm beyond the mortal world.
ЦЕЛПХ-Х-ИХИС Deals 15 A pale ophidium tablet, slightly over a foot in length, half a foot in width, and a few inches think. The thing's vertices are lined with what appears to be magetear-lined corotite caps of some sort. The device's front bears nothing, save for the image of a hand.