The Infernal Skeleton Titan was a 50-post entity summoned by ninjatwist321 during Act 2 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. It had less summoning ability than Stheno, but was more powerful in direct combat. It was a skeletal figure of gigantic proportions, and appeared to be constantly in flames, adding to its figure that could strike terror in the hearts of the players.

This charge was meant to be deployed on Halloween, but it was delayed for quite some time.

In Battle Edit

The Infernal Skeleton Titan had a maximum of 150,000 HP. Its most basic attack was Horrid Claw, which dealt 6000 damage. Flame Burst spit three 4000 damage fireballs towards its foes, which could be stacked for more damage, but could not be used consecutively. Bone Sacrifice caused the IST to take 10,000 damage, but summoned 5 Skeletonlets, and could not be used twice in a row. Deathly Dance dealt 8000 damage to 2-4 targets, but rendered the Skeleton Titan vulnerable the following turn, and required a 3-turn cooldown. The trump card of the IST, the Skellington Maneuver, removed the entity's head, which would return after 4 turns. This invoked a six-turn cooldown.

The Infernal Skeleton Titan had passive benefits as well. Upon death, 20 Skeletonlets were summoned from the IST's remains. Due to the flames enveloping it, the Skeleton Titan was immune to fire-related effects and mitigated 50% of fire damage to it. Any enemy that attacked it also has a 40% chance to be burned for 3 turns. The Infernal Skeleton Titan could sing Spooky Scary Skeletons, which caused one unaligned entity to dance along for the turn.

Minions Edit

Skeletonlets dealt 2000 damage when they attack, but were quite fragile, and only had a measly 4000 HP. They inflicted a 2-turn burn upon 20% of those who attacked them, but died after 3 turns due to their running rampant.

The Infernal Titan Skull (ITS) was a much larger threat, it had more attack power and could heal. Flame Blasts dealt 8000 damage to 4 targets, and could be stacked,. The ITS could also Meditate, which healed 10000 HP, but could not be used twice in a row. While active, the Infernal Skeleton Titan was stunned and fully vulnerable aside from its passive effects. The Titan Skull would return after 4 turns, which healed the Infernal Skeleton Titan for its remaining HP, and would return if defeated, with no health gain to the IST. The Infernal Titan Skull also shared the fire immunity that its main body did.