Kage Kami

“Believe me, this will be one of many summons from Realm of the Mad God.”
ninjatwist321, Destroy the Godmodder 2

The Kage Kami was one of a group of rapid-succession summons by ninjatwist321. It is somewhat of an opposite of his previous entity, Raidriar the God King, as it seems to be covered in dark robes and with an exposed face with red eyes. It carries no known weapons and materializes its scythe from seemingly knowhere. As such, the Kage Kami resembles many cultures' portrayals of Death. It is a guardian spirit that protects graveyards from grave robbers, making sure they do not leave without retribution.

Its name is pronounced (KAH-gey KAH-mee) and is Japanese for "Shadow God".

Story and DescriptionEdit

The Kage Kami, designed to be tanky, attacks with relatively weak darkness-based attacks. However, the attacks often leave the target Sick (unable to be healed). This is accompanied by its noteworthy health pool and damage mitigation. While it had an effect on Cookie Monster, the Godmodder disabled it, and while the All-Purpose Jet Medics went into play, the Kage Kami retreated to a secluded area of the battlefield to regenerate along with the Tripod. Afterwards, to open the Manor of the Immortals, he transported the renewed shadow god to the battlefield and then to the Apocalypse Zone to complete the AG itinerary goal of securing the Apocalypse Zone, a deadly battlefield.