This is a list of alchemies created by the players of Destroy the Godmodder 2 using upgrades to the Alchemiter, as well as a list of upgrades to the Alchemiter. For standard alchemies click here.

Upgrade List Edit

SCP-914 Edit

SCP-914 is a machine that can change the way an alchemy works.

Settings Edit

  • Very Fine
    • Very Fine changes the way an item works. If an item is used, there is a 50% chance it will hit both sides, a 16% chance it will hit your side, a 16% chance it will hit the opposing side, and a 16% chance a random effect will occur.
  • Fine
    • Fine will raise an item's level. This can be reversed with Rough.
  • 1/1
    • 1/1 makes a different, but similar item with the same level.
  • Rough
    • Rough will undo the item's last alchemization and will reverse Fine's effects
  • Coarse
    • Coarse will change the item into its basic components.

Other Upgrades

  • Jumper Block Extension + Punch Card Shunt. (Allows upgrades to the Alchemiter to be made easily.)
  • Iron Furnace. (Items can now be smelted in the Alchemiter.)
  • Duplicator. (Items can be multiplied. Duplicating the item will require one post, but duplicating the item 3 times would require 3 posts, and so on.)
  • Loom. (Allows any item to be made into a piece of clothing instantly.)
  • Divider. (Allows basic items and alchemies to be turned into their base components, like turning iron ingots into iron nuggets.)
  • Garage. (Enables alchemies with vehicles to be made more easily. Also acts as a place to store vehicles.)
  • Enlarger. (Can change an alchemy's size, making it bigger or smaller.)
  • Dune Rotary Potion Mixer. (Can combine two potions together, making a new potion. If both Potion effects are of the same alignment, the Dune combines the effect. If the Potions are of differing alignments, the Dune chooses a dominant effect and boosts it.)
  • Holopad. (A device that allows an alchemy to be previewed in two different ways. It has two parts: The *Codex Holopad and the Alchemic Holopad. The Codex allows an alchemy to be made by punching an 8-character code into it. Characters in a code can be numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and ! and ?. Once the code is punched in, the resulting alchemy is displayed on the Holopad. From there, it can be created if you desire, thanks to the Punch Designix. The Alchemic allows one to preview an alchemy by inputting the objects like you would in the Alchemiter. The Holopad then shows the result without having to make the alchemy. However, you still have to make it if you want to use it.)
  • Perfectly Generic Alchemiter. (Can make a Perfectly Generic version of any alchemy.)
  • Punch Designix. (Allows the Holopad to make alchemies instead of just viewing them.)
  • alCHEMISTRY-inator. (Makes a SBaHJ version of any alchemy.)

SCP-914 Alchemies Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Ballistic Bayonet (Boom-Stick Scope > 1/1) [Lv. 3: 4/4] Irecreeper
  • Antimatter Bomb (TNT > Very Fine) [Lv. 4: 5/5] Irecreeper
  • Subspace Bomb (Time Bomb > Very Fine) [Lv. 4: 5/5] ThunderCam777
  • Assault Rifle (Rifle > Fine) [Lv. 1: 2/2] Ninjatwist321
  • Wordwands (Lettered Wands > Fine) [Lv. 2: 3/3] EndRPnT

Utility Edit

  • Refined Iron (Iron Ingot > Fine) [Lv. 1: 2/2] Flare_Flames
  • Redstone Block (Redstone Torch > Fine) [Lv. 1: 2/2] Flare_Flames

Clothing Edit

Iron Furnace Alchemies Edit

Weapons Edit

Utility Edit

  • Iron Ingot (Iron Ore ~ Iron Furnace) Flare_Flames
  • Stone Brick (Cobblestone ~ Iron Furnace) Flare_Flames

Brewing Stand Edit

Potions Edit

  • Potion of Nuclear Fusion (Awkward Potion OOO Uranium)