“So this is what my own mind thinks of me, huh???”
Build, Ephemeralquest

Masonquest is a set of three image-only cutscenes created by TwinBuilder some time after the release of Destroy the Godmodder 2's epilogue. They are intended to tell the story of TwinBuilder's experiences in between his arrival at the Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron HQ and his arrival at the Zeroth Server's Yggdrasil. The three cutscenes forming Masonquest are Daddyquest, Corporateclusterfuckquest (also known as merely Corporatequest), and Ephemeralquest (which is in development).

The cutscenes only contain images, an idea never before attempted in the Destroy the Godmodder series. All dialogue is handwritten and placed within the images, like comic books. Masonquest's cutscenes have all been uploaded on the Destroy the Godmodder Discord, and will be later uploaded on Imgur albums.

The first two cutscenes were uploaded before Infamy, and Infamy's ending both explained their nature and directly set up Ephemeralquest. 

Daddyquest Edit

Daddyquest began with DADDY, a corruption of Dad Egbert from Homestuck created by the Refiner's Fire during Jeff the Scientist, talking directly to the members of the Destroy the Godmodder memo. However, shortly afterwards, the screen filled with green as TwinBuilder reclaimed control of the narrative prompt. (During Infamy, there was revealed to have been an offscreen fight between DADDY and Build. Build's victory in this fight is what let him retake control.) Build then muttered angrily as he walked across the screen, before stopping and turning to the screen, noticing something.

A pink glow swarmed across the screen, Build's red glasses turning bright pink. The view shifted to show a blob of pink fire hovering next to a warped view of the Destroy the Godmodder Discord. When Build tried to talk to the fire, it spun out of control, images flashing across the screen as Build ran away. Shadowy hands streamed from the fire in hot pursuit. Build, apparently knowing that the members of the DTG Discord were watching him, asked for help in the fight, but when no effective help was offered, the hands converged on Build's position.

Out of nowhere, an amber figure sliced clean through the swarm of hands, disposing of them in one strike. When Build asked who the figure was, they responded "good question," though their goggles, distinctive coat, and amber text was meant to be clues pointing towards their identity as the Scribe. When Build asked where he was now, the figure responded with "the Ends of the Earth, of course." This sent Build into complete shock, with the Scribe telling Build that if he let the Scribe open the Gate, Build could finally go home. The adventure ended with the Discord sign-in screen.

Corporateclusterfuckquest Edit

Corporateclusterfuckquest, otherwise known solely as Corporatequest, was significantly longer than Daddyquest. It began with Build walking through a formless grey void and making small talk with the members of the Destroy the Godmodder memo, who he once again knew were watching. After a short time, Build's destination was revealed as a grey door framed against an amethyst sky. 

Once Build made it to this door (which contained the symbol of an 8), he was greeted by Malpeiyc, a character from TheLordErelye's DTG-unrelated text adventure, Abyssal Oddity. Malpeiyc was confused at how Build didn't recognize him, despite the fact that he himself played Abyssal Oddity. Upon hearing the phrase "abyssal oddity," Build's glasses turned to a shade of navy, and he became completely confused that the game was being reference, since its universe was non-canonical to Fiction. Malpeiyc replied that anything was possible within a dream, and that Build should capitalize on this experience to figure out what was on the other side of the door.

When Build opened the door, he exited the other side from a set of amethyst curtains, falling flat on his face and disturbing a meeting involving many characters from Abyssal Oddity. The characters involved were Azure Lapis, a half-gem half-human serving as the game's protagonist, the R4 Council, four different gems known as BASILISCUS, CALBALAKRAB, FOMALHAUT, and TASCHETER, a blue cube named the Godhead, a black door known as S.O.L.I.D.U.S., and one of Malpeiyc's eyes. Build, realizing he'd disturbed something important that didn't concern him, resolved to run away entirely. However, using her hydrokinesis, Azure flung Build back into the room with a water hand, saying that he did need to be at this conference.

Azure continued, saying that Build was meant to represent Fiction within the conference, and everyone else was to represent Abyssal Oddity's own Fiction (referred to in the adventure as Masonic Fiction and Kalarean Fiction, respectively). The purpose of the conference was to sort out Adagnitio Science's (an organization within Abyssal Oddity's universe, presumably) purchase of the entirety of MTT INDUSTRIES. When Build expressed incredulity at the notion of buying MTT INDUSTRIES, Azure said that all the kinks in the process had already been dealt with, and that this was meant to finalize the deal - immediately after Build signed on the deal, "[his] company would be property of the Kristalli Imperium."

Now expressing confusion that Azure called MTT INDUSTRIES his own company, Build asked what she meant, revealing that she had mistakenly believed he was Jeff Mason (codenamed Interrobang), a member of the Advanced Superiors that oversaw the organization's activities. Just as this came to light, Interrobang himself entered the room. Interrobang told Build to leave, and that he would handle the deal. Build left in a rage, now upset that he'd miss what would likely be an interesting meeting.

Leaving through the curtains, Build started walking back down the path, directing his anger at Malpeiyc by flipping him off. Now amused by Build's attempt at anger, Malpeiyc told Build that he could help him sneak back into the meeting undetected by giving Build his suit. Build hesitantly agreed to the deal, and was promptly revolted when Malpeiyc took off the suit, revealing his grotesque endoskeleton underneath. Build hurriedly put the suit on and headed back through the door, with no one noticing his presence.

Build came back in time to hear Interrobang describe the root cause of the meeting - Adagnitio Science had filed a complaint at MTT INDUSTRIES because the company was in league with a force called Athena's Parliament, whereas Abyssal Oddity also contained an elite group known as The Parliament, prompting a lawsuit and eventual takeover attempt. Interrobang proposed an alternative - instead of buying out MTT INDUSTRIES, the company would just change Athena's Parliament's name. It would be significantly harder, but MTT INDUSTRIES would come out relatively unscathed.

Malpeiyc's Eye objected to this, viewing it as an excuse to get out of the merger when all the tedious paperwork had already been sorted through and the deal was so close to completion. Interrobang said he'd never hand the keys of existence over to Adagnitio, and the Eye replied with "maybe you won't. But he might," promptly shining a red beam of light onto Build's position and revealing that he knew his existence. However, no one else was able to see him - the Eye was only aware since Build was wearing his own suit.

Interrobang flew into a rage at this, accusing the Kalarean forces of conjuring up meaningless and charades to distract him from the truth, and saying it was a mistake to involve him. The Eye countered by saying that he didn't even need to involve Interrobang, and that he could take MTT INDUSTRIES all on his own. Right when it seemed that the two were about to engage in an epic battle, the Eye crushed Interrobang's head instantly, killing him. His red sunglasses landed near Build, who put them on right as the Eye was about to attack him as well.

Using his sunglasses and Interrobang's, Build invoked the powers of the ten Curses of the Order, charging up some kind of final attack as green energy spiraled around him. Malpeiyc's Eye warned everyone to meatshield the impending attack - they'd survive since they were only mindscape clones, but since the Eye was solely an incorporeal entity, he would die for real if he was caught in its blast. When Azure asked what the attack contained, Malpeiyc's sole reply was "death."

Build proceeded to apparently metamorphosize into/summon a gargantuan cloaked figure with six arms, six wings, a geometrical necklace, and an obscured head gleaming with white light. The figure closely parallels previous descriptions of What Lies Beyond. This figure covered the entire field in white light. The adventure ended with the Discord sign-in screen, much like before.

Ephemeralquest Edit

Ephemeralquest, by far the longest of the three quests, is intended as a finale to their story arc, which was continued through Infamy. Due to its sheer size - it is by far the longest storypost ever created for Destroy the Godmodder, with over 310 released images so far - it is split up into multiple parts, and segmented into twelve unofficial parts of varying length for TwinBuilder to keep track of. Part 1 consists of the first five segments, with Part 2 presumably containing the other seven.

Background Info Edit

In Infamy's final segment, Build took a trip to a hospital within the Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squadron HQ, due to his odd and frequent dreams and headaches. He was carefully examined using the Metal Rain, a device that could peer into his mindscape. This revealed that the earlier two quests were dreams that took place entirely within Build's mindscape; despite Corporatequest containing Abyssal Oddity characters, these characters were merely hypothetical representations of these characters when placed in a scenario created by Build's mind. It is possible that solely mental characters like Malpeiyc and his Eye are "real," but this is unconfirmed.

Build being able to dream up such hypothetical scenarios involving characters existing beyond Fiction was revealed to be a symptom of his mind, which is still fractured due to his tumultuous Shatter and his recent seperation from the Operator. The only possible cure was to fundamentally change his mindscape, and it was entirely possible that this process could remove him from reality. 

Disheartened from this news, Build prepared to walk back to the cell where he was contained, but he was ambushed by Goanna67. Previously thought to be a mere troll that popped up at random times and did nothing of substance, Goanna67 was gradually revealed through post-DTG2 content to be wise beyond his years and very powerful. He broke out of the Lotus Eater Machine he'd been contained in during Trial 6 and swore revenge on TwinBuilder, who Goanna knew was responsible for trapping him within the machine. As revenge, Goanna blasted Build with a shotgun that knocked him into a coma, and dragged him into an unknown land after referring to him by his real name, Adam Mason.

Part One: Take a Look Inside Your Mind (What Do You See) Edit

Ephemeralquest's first part began with Goanna and Build in a blank void. Goanna had shed any semblance of an organic form, presenting himself as a barebones mechanical body known as Goannabot. He interfered with a rectangular prism surrounding Build, activating it and covering Build with grey panels presumably similar to the Metal Rain machine. Now, Goanna could view Build's torment for eternity as he was locked within his mindscape.

Asleep within his mindscape, Build started falling through a limitless void, urging himself to wake up. Once he did, he tried to prevent himself from falling, but ended up falling anyway. After picking up his glasses to see where he was, Build was overcome with disgust that he was trapped inside his mindscape once more. Remembering the events of Infamy, Build resolved to wake up and fight Goanna, even if he had no idea how. As he was reflecting on this, Waluigi appeared within his mind.

Build told Waluigi to get out of his mind, but Waluigi revealed that he was his mind - this was just a mental projection of Build's own consciousness speaking to him in the form of Waluigi. Not caring, Build prepared to attack Waluigi, but Waluigi urged him to stop, saying he had a gift. Waluigi promptly summoned a bottle of Waluigi Thyme that only had one remaining use, going on to say that he had a vision of Build using the Thyme in a time of need. Weighing the odds, Build decided to take the Waluigi Thyme, and ran off when Waluigi announced that he had plans to kill Build in the future. Irritated that his gift was repaid with fear, Waluigi left in disgust.

Some time passed, with Build not finding much other than emptiness within his mindscape until he saw a pedestal on the horizon. Running to it, he pulled Oblivion's Guardian out of its top. Armed with a proper weapon, Build was left to wonder what he'd need this sword for. He was then startled when a large set of goldenrod curtains materialized behind him, with a staircase leading up to them. Build ran up the staircase and looked through the curtains, which contained inky blackness.

After Build walked for a brief period of time, the lights clicked on in the chamber, revealing a massive expanse populated entirely by floating stone doors. Every door had a symbol on them, and every door represented a memory. When opened, the door would reveal the corresponding memory. Finding a door whose symbol depicted a person running through a pair of portals, Build opened it. On the other side was a wounded Build without his green jacket standing within Old Aperture. Build slammed the door with distaste, resolving to try another one.

Build opened a door containing a pentagon with a circle at each of its points and a circle in the middle. This revealed a view of the corkboard within his bedroom, full of images of ideas for stories Build wanted to tell. Slamming this one too, and now properly angered, Build yelled to Goanna, saying that if this was a joke, it wasn't funny, and that Build was preparing to kick his "shiny metal ass." Realizing he just accidentally quoted Gutza1, Build slipped further into rage. Angered that he spent his entire quest so far doing nothing, Build resolved to start doing constructive things, starting with the very next step he took.

Build's next step was over empty space, as he was standing above an open door. Pulled in by an apparently magnetic force, Build was powerless as he tumbled through the doorframe and into an open door. It closed behind him, revealing its symbol as a Tiger Claw. Build proceeded to tumble through a dark area filled with smoky clouds. Once he touched down, Build drew his sword and encountered a black silhouette with a crudely drawn green face.

The figure, whose identity was unknown, proceeded to dematerialize Build's sword, telling Build to be quiet. Before anything else could happen, the black figure glitched out and exploded, destroying the black void in a column of smoke. Build coughed and complained of a headache, followed by an unknown voice saying that of course his head would be hurting, as he's inside his head right now. The being introduced herself as Roxxanne, a character of The_Nonexistent_Tazz from Destroy the Godmodder: Terraria Edition. She had no intention to kill Build like he feared, and instead wanted to help him. Attempting to assuage Build's fears that she was just a representation of his mind and not real like Waluigi was, Roxxanne told him that it was much easier for his mind to 'fake' someone he'd seen before than someone he'd never seen, meaning that Roxxanne was almost definitely real.

Build then asked if she knew the identity of the black silhouette, which Roxxanne said was just a way for her to make a flashy entrance. She then told Build, when asked why she was in his mind, that her "employer" (identity unknown, and apparently not someone Build would easily remember) sent her to gather information. Sensing that Build's rapidly increasing disbelief in Roxxanne's trustworthiness, she urged Build to not always overanalyze every situation he was in and to stop letting forces of plot dictate his actions and paralyze him, instead forging his own independent path based on impulse and his feelings. However, Build countered by saying that every time he did something based off of how he felt (like joining Minecraft and starting DTG2) it always turned out poorly for everyone involved. Build's theory was that his overanalyzation was a result of his mind attempting to overcompensate for its newfound lack of the Operator's omniscience, leading to his emotional stagnation since DTG2's end and his unwillingness to feel and act on his own.

Roxxanne said that although she knows how Build feels and understands how tumultuous his history in the Godmodding Wars has been, she doesn't think his reasons to be afraid are valid, saying that Build shouldn't let his past and mistakes define him, and that he should conquer them and learn from them, and furthermore, that since he's a Descendant, he is perfectly able of doing it, since Descendants can do anything. This allowed Build to realize that his quest was to become a better person and learn from his past, so that he would have the power to defeat Goanna and make his own destiny when he woke up. Roxxanne congratulated him for regaining his spark, and Build thanked her for the inspirational speech.

After Roxxanne messed with Build by lying about him being unable to leave the memory, she gave him a useful tip - he could always leave a memory through the door which he entered from, which will usually never change position and usually stay intact. Build's final question was what this area was a memory of, since it was just a blank Roxxanne-occupied void. Roxxanne explained that she took one of Build's memories and turned it into a memory of their conversation (the conversation itself was visible infinitely repeating in the distance) just so they could talk. Although Build was angered at Roxxanne for manipulating his memories, his anger subsided quickly. He told Roxxanne his codename of Build (and admitted that it wasn't his real name), and left the memory on good terms, flying to the door that he came through.

Build exited the memory with Oblivion's Guardian in hand, resolving to continue his strategy of heading through other memory doors on the road to confronting his past. The first door was inscribed with the logo of MS Paint Adventures. When Build opened it, he saw a younger version of himself in his room, looking at Homestuck for seemingly the first time. Build wondered if he was on the wrong site, since its art looked at odds with the usual layout of webcomics, leading him to ask the camera who would waste their time reading Homestuck, calling out the numerous fans of the comic within DTG. Build shut the door shortly after, wondering about what could have happened if he hadn't read Homestuck, and how differently DTG2 might have turned out, if at all.

The second door was inscribed with the profile of the front of the Twinmobile. When Build opened it, he saw himself (combined with the Operator) within the Twinmobile, staring at the Earth from above. Past Build reflected on how he always wanted to go to space when he was young, and that although orbiting the Earth wasn't as earth-shattering as entering another universe, it was still a notable sight. Before he could talk much further, a teleporter began activating in the middle of the Twinmobile. Fearing an attack from Project Binary, Past Build's hand lit up in green flame. However, when the teleporter fully activated, it was the Duck that emerged from it.

The Duck immediately squawked and pulled the Quad Laser (from Aqua Teen Hunger Force) on Past Build. Sensing the Duck's latent power, Past Build surrendered, putting his hands up and attempting to stop the Duck from shooting by lying about their fake past friendship. The Duck believed the lie, dropping the Quad Laser and kicking it to the other side of the room at Past Build's insistence. Build introduced himself to the Duck, saying that he could join Build on his travels so as long as he could handle the harshness of the Void. The Duck decided to join Build, although he immediately regretted this decision.

Build shut the door, reflecting on the good times he shared with the Duck during Acts 3 and 4 of DTG2. He then decided to keep opening doors. However, after many were opened without meaningful consequence, and Build encountered forty-nine consecutive memories of him simply updating DTG2, he asked his mind for "a sign." Immediately, Build was plunged into pitch-black darkness, with a single beam of light shining on a door lacking a symbol. When Build opened it, he entered a real room containing, among other things, two windows, a bed, a Minecraft poster, and a desk that was entirely monochrome. Build stared in complete shock, tentatively sticking his hand through the open door. As Build's hand passed through the boundary, it slowly turned real and monochrome until the door abruptly slammed shut, severing Build's right hand clean off. He merely stared and cried in disbelief as the scene slowly faded out, ending Part One.

Part Two: Me and Myself (Like the Sun and the Moon) Edit

Ephemeralquest resumed with an intermission from Goanna's perspective. Goanna, seemingly ignoring Build's mental struggles, had apparently decided to watch Hot Fuzz in the meantime. Although he was enjoying the movie, he was interrupted by a phonecall from Ellavagod, a notable noob from DTG2 who, within Ephemeralquest, was presented as his blatantly overpowered ingame character - a frighteningly tall and imposing top-level assassin/deity - but spoke in just as bad grammar as the actual Ellavagod. Ellavagod said that he, and some of his friends, wanted in on Goanna's "movie night," and asked if they could join. Although Goanna was seemingly upset at how fake and contrived Ellavagod's deity-like powers were, he said that he "wouldn't have it any other way," welcoming Ellavagod and his friends to his movie night. Ellavagod hung up, saying that "the time has come."

Goanna decided to dress up for his guests, turning his naked robotic form into an actual Minecraftian form, still clad with a shotgun. Immediately afterwards, Ellavagod and his friends entered Goanna's pocket dimension. His friends (also Goanna's friends) were revealed to be other noobs from DTG history: Kaijulord, a perptually happy child(?) with a large blue sword that spoke of an impending kaiju invasion, Nulitor, presented as a black sillouhette that cast a shadow on anything and everything, Thartler, a figure glad in greyish-purple armor with a quiver and a plasma cannon, and Dungkaka, a clone of Build that highly resembled him, but in completely wrong colors.

Goanna welcomed his guests and made small talk with them, asking what movies they wanted to watch for the movie night. The conversation was interrupted when Dungkaka noticed Build hovering in the Metal Rain-esque container. Notably, his speech seemed to consist of stitched together letters taken directly from DTG2 (primarily its original post). Goanna insisted that it was nothing important, but when Dungkaka kept pressing the matter, Goanna told him that he was a clone of the figure (Build), to which Dungkaka reacted in complete surprise. Seeing Build gave Goanna an idea, and so it was that he decided on the movie him and his friends would watch - Ephemeralquest itself. Goanna switched the television to channel "1207" and started the movie. The cutscene then abruptly switched to a view of red curtains on a black background.

Build began slowly walking out of the curtains, clutching their arm in apparently intense pain, which had been dripping green blood since the incident behind the blank door. Build came to a rest at the foot of a ruined green pillar, lamenting at how his attempts to change led to him losing his hand. After he sarcastically thanked himself and heard a voice reply "You're welcome," Build turned to see The Operator floating behind the pillar. This incarnation of the Operator had holes seared through his head where his eyes would be, with red orbs in the middle of the open cavities, and shards of dripping red glass around his head. Interestingly, he also lacked a right hand, and instead had a pool of red liquid.

Though Build was initially curious as to how the Operator could be alive, he deduced from what Roxxanne said that because he'd seen the Operator outside his mind, that meant he was a figment of his mind. The Operator sarcastically congratulated Build at correctly exercising simple logic, offering to "give him a hand" - which literally meant lowering his severed hand on a chain from the nonexistent ceiling. The Operator taunted Build into retrieving his hand, but when Build tried by cutting the chain with Oblivion's Guardian, the severed hand burst into flames before Build could use it, followed by the Operator's comment about how his hand had "slipped."

Hidden Codes Edit

Throughout Masonquest, several hidden messages can be found in Ionian, a language invented by TwinBuilder that replaces the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet (bar I and O) with corresponding symbols that are meant to flow into each other to create the appearance of an unbroken symbol rather than a jumble of letters. I and O are represented as a dash and a dot, respectively, and are placed above or below certain letters depending on if they come after or before them, respectively. If I and O are next to each other in a word, there is a special symbol for that. There are some codes that are simply English text but changed to corresponding Cyrillic letters.

  • The text in panel 7 of Daddyquest reads DADDY REFINERY UNIT in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 15 of Daddyquest reads DIE., OBEY, and KILL in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 21 of Daddyquest reads ENDS OF THE EARTH in Cyrillic.
  • The text in panel 28 of Corporatequest reads HAKOFA, which is a Drenovian slur referring to humans.
  • The text in panel 3 of Ephemeralquest reads SHOTGUN in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 4 of Ephemeralquest is a diagram of the Ionian alphabet.
  • The text in panel 45 of Ephemeralquest reads SWORD IN THE STONE in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 64 of Ephemeralquest reads WHAT TO DO WHEN I MAKE A STORY DEAL STORY in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 141 of Ephemeralquest reads YOU LOST THE GAME and OBLIVION'S GUARDIAN in Ionian.
  • The two symbols in panels 176 through 181 of Ephemeralquest read Y and N in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 183 of Ephemeralquest reads FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 185 of Ephemeralquest reads PURIFICATION IN PROGRESS... and PLEASE STAND BY... in Ionian.
  • The text in panels 191 through 193 and 197 of Ephemeralquest reads SHOTGUN.
  • The text in panel 231 of Ephemeralquest reads STARS IN HIS EYES, WHEN THE PLANETS COLLIDE, EOTE, HELP, and OP (though the rest is obscured, it has been confirmed to read OPENYOU, a part of the phrase OPEN YOUR MIND) in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 233 of Ephemeralquest reads WAKE UP, ANGINDIS (though the text between the G and I is obscured), SINS ARE SHA (most probably a part of the phrase SINS ARE SHACKLES), YOU WILL PAY, DEAT (most likely DEATH), MTTN, OPENYOU (again, probably OPEN YOUR MIND), and KEK in Ionian.
  • The text in panel 277 of Ephemeralquest reads "I AM AS REAL AS YOU ARE FAKE" in Ionian.
  • The text in panels 300 through 305 comprises a one-sided dialogue in Cyrillic that is seemingly from What Lies Beyond. It reads as follows. "WHAT IS THIS." "SOMEONE IS LOOKING AT ME." "YOU. UP THERE. BY THE DOOR." "YES, YOU." "DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. CLOSE THAT DOOR. THE DARKNESS IS BOTHERING ME." "THANK YOU." This matches an earlier non-sequitur dialogue the Overseer said during the Pinary ARG.

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