Mixcoatl the Masked God

The Masked God's RotMG sprite.

Mixcoatl the Masked God was an entity summoned by ninjatwist321 during Destroy the Godmodder 2 that originated from Realm of the Mad God. He was by an abnormally large indigo mask with darker extensions acting as limbs and yellow, bushy eyebrows. Uniquely, he was only activated when attacked by the Pro-Godmodders, although had some unique attacks and behaviors at his disposal.

In BattleEdit

Mixcoatl, upon being spawned, was completely passive, aside from summoning four Boss Totems. However, when attacked, he would perform a ritualistic dance which wwould cause him to become invincible. After becoming vulnerable again, he would either spout flames or shoot spiraling blasts of his purple energy at enemies, thus entering the Hostile state. After 60000 damage was dealt to Mixcoatl, he entered a meditation pose, all the time emanating waves of power and causing his Boss Totems to do the same. He will then chase after enemies, and, unlike in the original game, spiraling around with purple energy, he will send waves at charged-at enemies, enveloping any assistants in its wave.

Boss Totems Edit

Boss Totems are passive assistants that help out Mixcoatl when he's in danger. They shoot out spheres of power when Mixcoatl has entered the Enraged State. In return, having a low amount of health, they are invunerable until Mixcoatl's defeat. Unlike in the game, the Boss Totems do not summon spirits to attack Mixcoatl's enemies.