A Mook stands idle.

Mooks are a race of humanoids in Destroy the Godmodder S: Acolyte!. They appear at the Acolyte's whim to serve him and fill the backbone of his attack force.

Characteristics Edit

Mooks stand about as tall as a human Player. Their outward appearance is that of a humanoid figure covered in a jet-black skin, fur, or carapace, or otherwise an amalgamation of darkness. Two large, white, disc-like eyes are the only features visible on a Mook's face.

Mooks are physically weaker than human Players, however, their minds are not primitve. Mooks are able to communicate and speak with each other, use weapons, take advantage of team tactics, and design and operate vehicles and machinery. The main strength of the Mooks in combat is numbers- alone and without reinforcements, they can be killed quite easily with simple player attacks. In addition, Mooks are able to equip armor or "Powered" weapons that can bolster their attrition or damage, respectively, to create more "elite" units which can dish out or survive firepower that ordinary Mooks would not.

Red Shirts Edit

Red Shirts are a subset of Mooks who have grown distrustful of the Acolyte and have developed red markings on their hands and torsos. They join the side of the players and battle against their kind to stop the Acolyte's tyranny. Being Mooks and oftentimes player summons, they often fall in battle before the fight is won.

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