Operators are powerful beings in the Destroy the Godmodder series that are capable of seeing Minecraft for more than the game Earth perceives it to be. This process is known as operating. Operating seems to be the key to unlocking Minecraft's secrets, such as using the First Block and godmodding. Throughout Destroy the Godmodder 2, there were four beings with the title of "Operator", and all of them were important to the story in some way.

The first Operator was the Virus after gaining self-awareness and swearing to never be controlled by anyone ever again. The second Operator was Slenderman, who wasn't a cancerous meme and was actually a very powerful and ancient figure who knew much more than he seemed. The third Operator was known only as The Operator. He was the First Guardian of Minecraft, a being who inhabited those worthy to let them tell the story of Destroy the Godmodder (though this title wasn't revealed until the end of the game). The fourth Operator was Gemini, TwinBuilder's Ancestor.

Despite having scattered appearances throughout the game, all the Operators sans Gemini appeared in Act 5, where they played a large role in the ultimate destruction of the Godmodder and Minecraft. Operator is also the arc word of DTG2, since its suffix is "Operator!"

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