This is a list of all alchemies made by pionoplayer using the Alchemiter.

Basic Alchemies Edit

Battery Pack Edit

  • 5xA Battery && Backpack
  • Level 1
  • A backpack that functions as a limitless power source as well! Not bad for camping trips.

High-Voltage Pack Edit

  • Battery Pack && Iron Ingot
  • Level 2
  • This looks like the Battery Pack, but now has a metallic sheen and has a greater amount of current running through it.

iLectricity Edit

  • High-Voltage Pack && Computer
  • Level 3
  • It is like the High-Voltage Pack, but is more streamlined and has a laptop on the back of it! What makes this better is that since there is a high amount of current running through it, the laptop is indefinitely powered!

Forever Furnace Edit

  • Furnace && Lava Bucket
  • Level 2
  • A furnace that does not require fuel to use...

Energizer Edit

  • Forever Furnace && Redstone Torch
  • Level 3
  • A furnace that doesn't require fuel and acts as a block of redstone.

Superconductor Supercomputer Edit

  • iLectricity && Energizer
  • Level 5
  • The epitome of electrical melee. This backpack-weapon-thing will always stay powered, even during a monsoon, and can access any power grid across the globe.

Supercomputer Edit

  • Computer && Computer
  • Level 2
  • (No description given.)

Forum Server Edit

  • Supercomputer && Post-It
  • Level 2
  • A computer specifically designed to make forums!

Forum Game Edit

  • Forum Server && XBOX
  • Level 3
  • Your own forum to manage! What it doesn't tell you is how difficult managing one can be...

Forum Post Battery Module Omega Supreme (FPMBOS) Edit

  • Forum Game && Superconductor Supercomputer
  • Level 5
  • A supercomputer that can gain power by participating in forums games such as this one.

Obsidian Bucket Edit

  • Lava Bucket && Water Bucket
  • Level 1
  • A bucket filled with solid obsidian. It's way too heavy to carry. In retrospect it's kind of useless.

Infinite Flame Bow Edit

  • Infinity Bow && Torch
  • Level 1
  • A bow that can shoot infinite flaming arrows!

Obsidian-Tipped Terror Edit

  • Infinite Flame Bow && Obsidian Bucket
  • Level 3
  • It functions like the Infinite Flame Bow, but its arrows are forged from obsidian! And since obsidian tools are theoretically more powerful than diamond ones, this bow will pack a punch!

Purplestone Dust Edit

  • Lapis Lazuli && Redstone Dust
  • Level 1
  • It looks like shiny purple Lapis Lazuli that, when placed, will turn to wiring akin to Redstone and will emit an electrical charge. It looks like can be used to dye things purple, as well.

Limited Edition XBOX Edit

  • XBOX || Gold Foil
  • Level 1
  • It is a special golden XBOX 360 with quite a few games pre-installed on it.

Purplecharged XBOX Edit

  • Limited Edition XBOX && Purplestone Dust
  • Level 2
  • A special purple XBOX that can also conduct redstone current.

Electric Onslaught Edit

  • Purplecharged XBOX && Obsidian-Tipped Terror
  • Level 4
  • A purple-tinted bow that shoots infinite flaming obsidian arrows that conduct redstone, AND acts as an XBOX 360 controller!

The Weaponized Inventory Edit

  • Electric Onslaught && Storage Shotgun
  • Level 5
  • (Unfinished; finished by MinecrafterMenno.)

Iron Sword Edit

  • Cheap Sword && Refined Iron
  • Level 1
  • A typical sword made out of iron. It is pretty powerful, taking care of most enemies.

Iron-Plated Obsidian Sword Edit

  • Iron Sword && Obsidian Bucket
  • Level 2
  • A sleek, cool obsidian sword with iron plating. All the power of obsidian disguised as iron!

Danger: High Voltage Edit

  • Electric Onslaught || Storage Shotgun
  • Level 5
  • All the power of the Electric Onslaught packed into the sleek shape of a gun!

Radioactive Obsidian-Iron Sword Edit

  • Uranium && Iron-Plated Obsidian Sword
  • Level 3
  • It's like the previous sword, but completely charged with nuclear energy. This of course, would make it fatal to anyone touching it without the proper equipment.

Snow Needles Edit

  • Knitting Needles || Swift Snowball Gun
  • Level 1
  • A pair of needles encased in snow and ice.

Ready For Action Edit

  • Assault Rifle && Machinegun
  • Level 3
  • An extremely powerful lightweight machine gun, ready to be used at any opportunity.

Sturdy Sword Edit

  • Cheap Sword && Cheap Sword
  • Level 1
  • A respectable sword that can hold its own in battle.

Honed Sword Edit

  • Sturdy Sword && Sturdy Sword
  • Level 2
  • A pretty powerful sword made of a nondescript material. If it was upgraded with a precious metal, it would likely be more powerful...

Multi-Hit Sword Edit

  • Honed Sword && Cheap Swords
  • Level 2
  • A sword imbued with the spirits of many other blades in one sheath. You can combo with it, hence the name.

Broken Uranium's Umbrage Edit

  • Multi-Hit Swords || Radioactive Obsidian-Iron Sword
  • Level 5
  • Since the Multi-Hit Swords that were factored in its creation contained spirits of blades from across time, it looks like the sword itself has been splintered in time to a point where it was broken. It will have to be upgraded before its blade will be complete, but that does not mean it isn't usable. The blade's color is a dull green, that intermittently flashes a radiant green, probably due to the radioactivity in it. At the tip of the hilt appears to be a red U with a gray tilde through it. However, it is broken and cracked. The blade looks very powerful...

Frost Wand Edit

  • Snow Needles && Stick
  • Level 2
  • A wand imbued with the power of ice and snow.

Quarter Staff Edit

  • Stick && Stick && Stick && Stick
  • Level 1
  • A very, very long staff.

Arctic Staff Edit

  • Quarter Staff && Frost Wand
  • Level 3
  • A powerful staff tipped with ice spikes at either end. It will be able to harness the power of all things polar and/or polarizing.

The Northern Light Edit

  • Arctic Staff || Lapis Lazuli + Gold Foil + Iron Ingot
  • Level 3
  • A brilliantly gold Arctic Staff with blue and silver ice crystals at the tips.

The Winter Advisory Edit

  • The Northern Light || Golden Snowball Gun
  • Level 3
  • A long, pale golden musket that emanates the aura of winter. It's emblazoned with lapis, iron, and gold patterns. Its bullets appear to be golden snowballs.

The Wind Chiller Edit

  • The Winter Advisory && Arctic Staff + Arctic Staff + Arctic Staff
  • Level 4
  • A long multicolored spear with two tips: one made of ice and one made of snow. Winter is yours to command now; you can summon powerful ice magic or fight in close quarters combat.

The Void of Heat Edit

  • The Wind Chiller && The Wind Chiller
  • Level 5
  • This powerful sword is truly devoid of heat. Utilizing all the powerful ice magics at its potential, the very blade is forged from ice crystals itself. It doesn't look like it can melt either.

Needlehammers Edit

  • Hammer && Knitting Needles
  • Level 1
  • A pair of thin and lightweight yet powerful hammers. At the top of each one is a spike you can use to spear opponents as well as smash them.

Cheap Lancehammers Edit

  • Needlehammers && Cheap Sword
  • Level 1
  • A pair of hammers with full-on blades sticking out of the handles! However, it looks like they are pretty cheap...

The Beta Battalion Edit

  • Cheap Lancehammers && Rifle
  • Level 3
  • A bayonet with a hammer at the handle. It can be used four ways: attacking with the hammers, spearing using both weapons at once, slicing with the lance, or shooting with the rifle. Its entirely up to you.

B3 Edit

  • The Beta Battalion && Computer
  • Level 4
  • You can call it either the Bionic Beta Battalion, B3, or BeCubed, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that this is a Beta Battalion with a mini-computer attached to it! If you wanted to be a sensible person, you should carry at least 5 of these at all times.

Microsoft Mashup Edit

  • B3 && XBOX 360
  • Level 5
  • A modded B3 that has the functionality of an XBOX 360 as well as a computer.

Pogo Hammer Edit

  • Hammer && Green Slime Ghost Pogo
  • Level 1
  • A hammer that, when used, boings upwards due to the pogos it has in place of the actual hammer. If enough force is applied, you can bounce really, really high. I mean, really high. Wow.

Unobtainium Pogo Hammer Edit

  • Pogo Hammer && Unobtainium
  • Level 2
  • A Pogo Hammer forged in pure unobtainium.

Unobtainium Sassacrusher Edit

  • Unobtainium Pogo Hammer && Sassacre's Text
  • Level 3
  • A hammer with two large blocks at the end made for crushing. The hammer is made out of unobtainium and is so large that you wouldn't be able to lift it without some help.

The Sassasmasher Edit

  • Unobtainium Sassacrusher && Boulder
  • Level 4
  • An extremely powerful Sassacrusher upgraded with an unobtainium head. It's also gotten a much-needed power boost, able to even change the ennvironment with its boulder-crushing strength!

Moh's Malevolence Edit

  • The Sassasmasher && Crystal && Diamond
  • Level 5
  • One of the most powerful hammers to ever have set its head on rock. Said head is made up of millions of crystals and diamond, giving it a strength unmatched by most other weapons. It would make even ectoBiologist proud.

White Broom Edit

  • Broom || White Paint
  • Level 1
  • Did someone say Scratch?

Gatling Gun Edit

  • Machinegun && Machinegun
  • Level 3
  • One thing's for sure. This gun changed the face of war forever. What's debated is if that's a good thing.

Minigun Edit

  • Gatling Gun && Gatling Gun
  • Level 4

The Doctor's Doom Edit

  • White Broom && Green Sun Battery
  • Level 5
  • For when that host is just a little too excellent.

Giga Gun Edit

  • Minigun && Minigun
  • Level 5
  • A very powerful version of a Minigun that requires no effort to carry and yet has exponentially more bullets. Also has some prototype rocket launchers as well.

The Backburner Edit

  • Flamethrower && Napalm
  • Level 2
  • Level 10 Flame Thrower

100% critical hits from behind

+150% airblast cost

The Fusionthrower Edit

  • The Backburner && Fusion Core
  • Level 4
  • An upgraded Backburner that causes nuclear fusion to occur in anything in its flame radius, dealing explosive splash damage to other entities.

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