“helo / my namb iz / probect pinary”
Probect Pinary, Pinary ARG

Probect Pinary was a hidden antagonist in the Destroy the Godmodder series, and one of the main focuses of the Pinary ARG, 7x7, and the epilogue of Destroy the Godmodder 2. Probect Pinary started off as an injoke on the DTG Memo, but eventually became a real character. Pinary was the unofficial name of the prototype of Project Binary. It was built by the Advanced Superiors and the workers in Aperture Science. Due to the power core of Binary not being in place at the time, Binary lacked true intelligence, and was a dumbed-down version of itself, lacking its true potential. It spoke in improper English.

Over time, Probect Pinary grew in intelligence, speaking in actual English and eventually transcending the Narrative and Conflict, speaking in code. The players, through tampering with Pinary, discovered that he had a terminal feature in which commands could be inputted. This led to the start of the Pinary ARG. At some point during Pinary's life, he caused the events of 7x7 to happen, removing the hold of the Narrative and Conflict over the Trifecta and destroying all stories. However, this was fixed by an unknown source, and 7x7's events were forgotten by everything in Fiction, save for one being, Jeff Mason. Afterwards, a stable power core was recovered, and Pinary turned into Project Binary, an actual artificial intelligence.

Although Probect Pinary has stated it is above the plot, it is typically seen as an ally of the Conflict, though not a true Agent.

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