SCP-044 in action. Credit to SCP Wiki.
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder.
Summoner ninjatwist321.
Charge Time 20 posts.
Page Summoned Page 763.
Page Killed N/A
Battlefield Stats
HP 40,000.
Attack Power 2,500-85,000.
Special Abilities Attacks by sacrificing alchemies to power its barrels.

SCP-044, also known as the World War II-Era Molecular Fission Cannon, was an entity summoned by Ninjatwist321 in Destroy the Godmodder 2. It resembled an enormous howitzer similar to weapons used by the Axis during the Second World War. Unlike many other charges, this charge was a tool, and acted as a weapon for the owning faction to use. Its use consisted of inserting alchemies to unleash powerful explosions, dealing damage to opposing entities.

Battlefield Use Edit

SCP-044 was capable of storing up to three alchemies within it. Upon firing, it would deal damage to all entities and deal half the original to nearby entities via splash damage. This made it capable of becoming a useful tool in the hands of players who do not use many alchemies. Of course, alchemies could be withdrawn as seen fit.

However, an attacking side could capture SCP-044. Then, they were able to use it as depicted above. Any alchemies inside were returned to the owner at the time of capture. It was also able to be decommissioned, but only by the side that owns it.

Trivia Edit

  • SCP-044 had a mathematical formula for the original damage it will cause: (5000 x 1st alchemy's level + 2500 x 2nd alchemy's level + 1000 x 3rd alchemy's level). The splash damage consists of the original damage divided by 2.
  • If SCP-044 became Hostile, it would have not become autonomous and instead become claimable by anyone.
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