Sidequests are major gameplay events in the Destroy the Godmodder series that aren't directly tied to the overarching storyline of the game and instead take the players somewhere new to do something different. Sometimes the sidequest's plot ends up having direct consequences on the main story, but sometimes it's just for an interesting diversion.

There was one sidequest in Destroy the Godmodder, the Void Expedition. In Destroy the Godmodder 2, there were three official sidequests made by TwinBuilder (The 2013 Witching Hour, Zero Hour, and Scratch's Manor) and four sidequests made by other players (TheLordErelye's Sidequest, The Serpent's Nether Sidequest, Nimbleguy's Nomblequest, and Talist's Dreamscaperers Sidequest.)

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