Storyposts, also known as cutscenes, are posts made by the Game Master that don't contain an actual turn, and instead contain text that furthers the plot of the game through a combination of writing, dialogue, and images. Some storyposts are contained in actual turns and further along important gameplay events.

The latter form of a storypost can be found in nearly all Destroy the Godmodder games. However, actual cutscenes that only contain story exposition originated in Destroy the Godmodder 2. The first official storypost was released on April 13th, 2014; it contained the backstory of the Homestuck Invasion. Every act and intermission ended with a cutscene of some kind, progressively getting more complex.

The tail end of Act 2 was dominated by storyposts as the battles against Doc Scratch and Lord English raged on. Act 3 was also populated by storyposts, giving rise to MSPA-style storyposts mainly consisting of images. This style would last until late into Act 4, although there was one huge text-oriented storypost in Act 3, One Hour.

In Act 4, a storypost was generally released at the end of each Trial, and later storyposts directly corresponded with events that would set up future Trials. Trial 6 and Trial 7 contained the most important storyposts of the game thus far, though even those were dwarfed by the End of Act 4 and Act 5, the two largest storyposts in the entirety of the series. The End of Act 4 was split up into six separate storyposts, and Act 5 was split up into two.

During Intermission 2 and Intermission 3, players were allowed to make their own storyposts that furthered their own plots while TwinBuilder made storyposts that furthered events happening on the sidelines of the game.

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