“The world had to end. It's my job. It. Is. My. JOB! The Narrative's corrupted. The Conflict's corrupted. The sheer existence of Psi and company tore proper time in two, something even I didn't think of as possible. Reality, as it stands, is fundamentally screwed up. Time was an issue. Don't make this about my job.”
The Black, Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins

The Black is one of the two Mirthful Messiahs of the Dark Carnival and a secondary antagonist in the Destroy the Godmodder series as a whole, specifically Destroy The Godmodder 0rigins. He has strictly been seen in the Black Timeline or through memory, never directly (unless one counts Roxxanne). Despite this, he plays a role in events, explaining certain backstory elements. His canonical existence is also important in the history of Destroy the Godmodder-if only as a massive series of errors.

While the event in question was noncanon, he once went under the pesterchum role of instrumentalArmageddon [CC] (A9A9A9).

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