“I am UserZero’s will, her arm. My mother-slash-employer has saw fit to send me to you thus that I aid in killing you. All of you, including you who’d ally themselves against her, and those who would simply cause chaos for their amusement.”
The Colegmerate, Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins

The Colegmerate is a boss in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins and one of UserZero's Terror Mobs. The Chief Sanitation Officer of Godmodding Incorporated and DTG0's first boss, the Colegmerate stated he prefers 'killing to cleaning,' and fiercely supports UserZero. He appears to be a flying octapus-like mass of Creepers and Mutant Creepers, hence the name. The Colegmerate was ultimately slain by Bomber57, dropping his spoil of war, the Power Cleaner, which housed his powers. It is well-known his name is misspelled-perhaps deliberately, to infuriate Richard.

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