The Felt is a group of fifteen mobsters from Alternia that were supporting antagonists of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and originate from Homestuck. They are themed off of billiards, and each member has a different temporal ability that they can use in battle. The Felt was gradually fought across Act 2, with each member having steadily increasing HP and new attack patterns.

Snowman, the eighth member of The Felt, was the first to be fought and was summoned by The_Serpent. Since Snowman's death triggers the end of the universe that she's from, she fled the Battlefield before she could be killed and threw fourteen Sacred Poolballs onto the Battlefield. Each would summon their respective member of The Felt, with a new one being summoned when the current one died.

Upon the death of all members of The Felt, Irecreeper gained the Sacred Poolballs as a Spoil of War.