The Garden of Eden was a zone in Destroy the Godmodder 2 created by DemonicDaVinci. Its original purpose was to provide a safe haven for Anti-Godmodders and heal them. However, it was irradiated a short time after its deployment in order to counter the Pro-Godmodder siege, giving it the power to spawn formidable creatures known as mutants.

The mutants and PG forces had a fierce battle, but when DemonicDaVinci turned Pro-Godmodder, nearly every entity in the zone became Pro-Godmodder. The_Serpent then retrofitted the area into the Apocalypse Zone. It was guarded by the Four Horsemen and their allies. However, the PG presence in the zone slowly dwindled due to a team of AGs leading an espionage mission.

When DemonicDaVinci turned Neutral, he rebranded the zone as the Super Secret Hospital, seeking to give it a healing light once more. After the Scratch of Disc One, it was revealed that most of the entities had been cleared out, and the zone was renamed the Ruined Citadel. After a strife with mutant PG entities, the zone was finally disbanded.


The Garden of Eden (GoE) was an eighty-charge zone. Forty charges came from The G.E.C.K (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) and forty more charges came from the ZAX Mainframe. When it first appeared, entities in the zone included:

  • Eden Core
    • Eden Creation Kit
    • ZAX Mainframe
  • Eden Turrets
    • Liberty
    • Independence
  • Eden Shield


Soon after Eden was created, the Pro-Godmodders began a siege against it. The_Serpent spawned a countdown that created a Demon Portal inside the Garden of Eden. To counteract the demons, DemonicDaVinci dropped the Tsar Bomba over Eden itself, irradiating the Eden Core. The Irradiated Eden Core is the source of the mutants.

Mutants which spawned include:

  • Deathclaws
  • Centaurs
  • Bloatflies
  • Super Mutants

These mutants fought for the Anti-Godmodders.