The Kestrel
The Kestrel.
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder
Summoner Irecreeper
Charge Time 30 Posts
Page Summoned 392
Page Killed 440
Battlefield Stats
HP 50,000
Attack Power Moderate, with the exception of the Vulcan Laser
Special Abilities Has a small chance to evade attacks. Negates 1 attack against it every turn.
The Kestrel was an entity summoned by Irecreeper in Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator. It is the starter ship for the game Faster Than Light. It was armed with several powerful weapons and an experimental drone system. It was summoned with a Portable Shipyard and backup from small fighters called Federation Scouts.

In BattleEdit

The Kestrel's attacks could only be used if a sub-entity of the Kestrel, the Weapons Bay, was above a certain life percentage.

Burst Laser: Fired out three low-damage shots. The shots could be aimed at separate targets.

Artemis Missile: A powerful single-target attack. It could only be used if the Weapons Bay was at 2/4.

Vulcan Laser: A deadly, single target attack with a three-turn charge time. It could only be used if the Weapons Bay was at 3/4.

Fire Beam: Hit three targets with a beam that dealt no damage, but burnt targets. It could only be used if the Weapons Bay was at 4/4.

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