The Lord, stylized as The L()rd, was one of ManiacMasteR's characters in Destroy the Godmodder 2. He appeared to be a version of Herobrine. The Lord was ManiacMaster's rival, taunting and fighting him throughout the game and trying to further his own mysterious goals. He spoke in A L()UD YET H()LL()W MANNER.

Appearance Edit

The Lord matched Herobrine's appearance - he resembled Steve, but with pupilless eyes.

History Edit

DTG2 Edit

The Lord first appeared in DTG when he possessed ManiacMasteR. After going through a fit of anger at the fact that the Nether Army was one-shotted, The Lord thought that was the best opportunity to possess Maniac. After which, Maniac began to speak like The Lord.

Maniac finally got control back just before the portal to the Conclave. When he came back, The Lord tried to possess him again. Maniac had no choice but to sneeze him out. After which, The Lord was revealed to be Herobrine.

Soon after Lord Dome was summoned, The Lord decided to fight with it. He summoned himself as an entity.