The Operation was the codename for the massive computer virus the Godmodder unleashed onto Earth at the start of Destroy the Godmodder 2. Using the Operation, the Godmodder locked on to every computer in every universe with Minecraft and forced the game to stay on the Godmodder's Minecraft server, GodCraft. This began an endless cycle of ragequitting as the Godmodder took control over Minecraft.

Earth did not react kindly to The Operation, labeling the Godmodder as a terrorist with advanced technology. In response, the governments of the world constructed a supercomputer A.I. known as Project Binary, who was supposed to lead a Counteroperation against the Godmodder. The plan worked as Binary eventually confronted the Godmodder on his server, but Binary actually wanted to destroy all of Minecraft and gain power over the Narrative.

Team Mojang ultimately held the power to ending The Operation once they gave the Descendants an artifact known as the Key through Minecraft 2.0, an update to the game. Using the Key and the Disc of Mojang, the Descendants (helped by Notch himself) were able to destroy The Operation and free the millions of players trapped on it.

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