This is a list of all alchemies created by The Serpent using the Alchemiter.

Basic Alchemies Edit

Kinect Wands Edit

  • Knitting Needles && Xbox 360
  • Level 1

These seems to be long white needles that you can use in conjunction with Xbox 360 Kinect. Maybe they can also turn into a controller...? Also you don't know whether or not this was because of your alchemy, but your Xbox suddenly got a nice yarn cover!


  • Kinect Wands && Bottle o' Enchanting
  • Level 2

It rewards all successful combos made with it with XP! The more XP you get, the more battery life the wands get, and the more powerful your attacks get! It looks like the Kinect Wands, but with a glass vial at the ends, that contains the liquid in Bottles o' Enchanting.

XBlade of Xperience Edit

  • Infinity Swords || XPBOX
  • Level 5

Two legendary blades that enable you to preform better combos than with the stock XPBOX Wands! If your combos get high enough, the Blades enter RTD Mode, which allows you to gain special bonuses! Also, you gain an XP BAR! The more XP you get, the more levels you get!

Palutena's Bow Edit

  • Aquarius' Attacker && XPBOX
  • Level 4

This bow is sacred. Its forging is only explained through myths and legends. It is said to fire arrows of pure light, complete with 8-bit sound effects and points being earned.

Palutena's Bludgeoner Edit

  • Palutena's Bow && Windows Stop Working
  • Level 5

It can function as a bow, but upon breaking it in half, which would normally form blades, it forms hammers that you can use to, what else, bludgeon enemies!

Odd Crystal-Tipped Spear Edit

  • Otherworldly Dust && Power Crystal || Spear
  • Level 1

It is a spear with an otherworldly crystal on its tip that emanates with a strange power...

Demon's Conglomerate Edit

  • Swordstaff && Demonic Plate
  • Level 1

A hellish combination of sword and staff.

The Fire and Brimstone Edit

  • The Platinum Punch && Demon's Conglomerate
  • Level 4

A massive, uberpowered hellish gun covered in a netherrack substance. Its bayonet is now replaced with a long blade. It shoots fiery bullets tipped with a corrosive substance that dissolves most known substances.

Unagi Blade Edit

  • Unagi Figurine && Sword
  • Level 2

A blade stylized to look like an Unagi's tooth. Or rather, a fang.

Hades' Cut Edit

  • Palutena's Sword && Netherbrick Sword
  • Level 7

An upgraded version of Palutena's Sword that is now infused with the essence of Hades, God of the Underworld. The sword burns with his malevolent hate, and it resembles the texture of the warped fabric of the coat he wears. Through this, you can channel the powers of the souls of the Underworld to attack your enemies.

Team Credit Edit

  • Team Spirits || Healing Cloud
  • Level 4

A modified version of Team Spirits that is pure white in design. Its healing ability is much more potent now.

Godsmack Edit

  • Hades's Cut && Radioactive Iron-Obisidan Sword
  • Level 8

An upgraded version of Hades' Cut imbued with the power of radioactivity. Perfect for going against an angry god.

X-Runners Edit

  • The Crosscircle && Potion of Speed II
  • Level 3

Special boots that increase running speed, and therefore, dodging chance.

Corrosive Cubes Edit

  • Fluorite Octet || Basilisk Venom
  • Level 8

A set of eight dice forged from amethyst. Whatever they touch corrodes away. Used by rolling the complete set. Depending on what the dice land on, the power and scope of the attack fluctuates.

Eternity's Shylock Edit

  • Spiral Sucker && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10

(Was never completed.)

Magic 6-Ball Edit

  • Magic Cueball || 6-Ball
  • Level 6

(Was never completed.)

Clothing Alchemies Edit

The Crosscircle Edit

  • Kinect Wands || Tuxedo

A stylish dark green tuxedo with a cross of light green going all the way around. In the center is a light gray circle, echoing the Xbox logo.

Silver Crosscircle Edit

  • Crosscircle || Silver Fabric

It looks exactly like the Crosscircle, but is, predictably, silver instead of dark green.

Red Suit of Death Edit

  • Silver Crosscircle || Critical Fabric

It resembles the Silver Crosscircle, but the X and circle are now deathly red. Any attacks made with this suit on will have a greater chance to crit.

Don't Bleed on the Suits Edit

  • Red Suit of Death || Jack Noir Poster

A pure black suit with a red bowtie, as if someone actually did bleed on this suit. Also on it is a red spade with a black X. Perfect for the occasional murder.

From Lead to Gold Edit

  • Red Suit of Death || Miniature Alchemiter

It appears this suit is mostly white, with some alchemiter decals. The right sleeve is gold in color, and the left sleeve is more brown, like lead.

Loom Alchemies Edit

Calliope Shirt Edit

  • White Magnum ~~~ Loom

SCP-914 Upgrades Edit

Hell's Instrument Edit

  • The Fire and Brimstone > Fine
  • Level 5

A powerful rifle born straight from the depths of the Nether, or hell, or what-have-you. Capable of dissolving almost anything, it also has a fearsome demonic blade attached to it and shoots an infinite amount of fiery bullets. Truly a frightening weapon.

Atheist's Grip Edit

  • Godsmack > Fine
  • Level 9

A longsword that goes against the gods completely, whether they be good or bad. Its form is solid gray, lacking any special features, but it can absorb a god's elements and power, and add that to its power! Over time, you may gain a long list of possible elements to use.

Layer Eight Edit

  • Corrosive Cubes > Fine
  • Level 8

A set of eight dice forged from bedrock. Typically roll favorable results in combat, and are unbreakable. Used by rolling the complete set. Depending on what the dice land on, the power and scope of the attack fluctuates.

Zillymiter Alchemies Edit

Lil' Cal Edit

  • Magic Cueball >= Zillymiter

Alchemiter Edit

  • Zillymiter >= Zillymiter

Bow of Zillytym Edit

  • Hell's Instrument >= Zillymiter

Gluegun of Zillystik Edit

  • Glue Gun >= Zillymiter

Scratcher Alchemies Edit

White Gem Edit

  • Chaos Emerald /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 1

Oblivion's Guardian Edit

  • Broken Anachronism /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 10

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