The Shadow, Destroy the Godmodder 2


The Shadow is an Agent of the Conflict that subconsciously influences the Godmodder. He did this several years ago through dreams, convincing the Godmodder to go on a path with his life that led him to discover Minecraft and Notch, starting the Destroy the Godmodder series. During the End of Act 4, the Shadow broke out of the Godmodder's mind, steering the Employer and Binary Prime on a quest to reunite the Conflict permanently. He was responsible for the death of the Secret of the Void in Limbo.

The Shadow resembles the Incarnate, but is a black silhouette. It is implied that the Godmodder based his appearance off of the Shadow, and that, therefore, Steve's appearance was based on the Godmodder's, and by extension, the Shadow's. It is also implied that the Shadow inspired the Godmodder to build the Incarnate in the first place.

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