The Tower was a building created by the Godmodder during Trial 5 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. It was erected on top of what used to be GodCraft's Yggdrasil, and was shortly thereafter set as the spawn point for the server. The Tower was built as the Godmodder's last refuge, in a similar vein to the Godmodder's Fortress in Destroy the Godmodder.

During Trial 5, the Descendants had to both climb up a staircase to the Tower's summit and take an elevator to the Tower's lowest level. While ascending to the summit, they underwent three trials centered around the Godmodder's various facets of power, and while in the elevator shaft, they had to fight several enemies on a quest to allow the roots of Yggdrasil to topple the Tower.

At the conclusion of Trial 5, the Descendants fought the Bleak at the Tower's summit and the Legion of Pyronus at the Tower's basement. When both enemies were killed, Notch himself dueled the Godmodder, and with the Descendants' help, the Tower was thrown into the Void.

Description Edit

The Tower has a stone base that, as shown in the picture above, is inscribed with a scarred eye and two "V"s representing a five in Roman numerals. The actual Tower is made of a black glass that reflects everything going on around it, making sure that nothing inside the actual building can be seen from the outside. The Tower bears more than a passing resemblance to the Conclave, which may be intentional.

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