“Delicious friends are always welcome to my sadomasochistic circlejerks!”


TrickleJest's profile picture.

TrickleJest (often called Trickle) is a player of the Destroy the Godmodder series, mostly participating in spin-offs such as Destroy the Simumodder and Destroy the Godmodder: Pain & Suffering. What makes him different from other players is the fact that instead of joining a game as his first thing in the community, he instead made a spin-off titled Destroy Lord English on September 5th 2016, after one hasty look at Destroy the Godmodder 1 (which he admits was a bad idea, since he had to observe the community before making a game). However, the game seems to be doing well and still going strong.

TrickleJest has two main characters which he uses to play Destroy the Godmodder games. Their names are Trickle and Jest and they happen to be splits, just like Build and Split. Trickle is a grouchy asshole with a giant ego, while Jest is a maniac hopped up on Waluigi Thyme (the very same thing Flumpty Bumpty is affected by), attempting to kill everyone in his path.

As of April of 2017, Crystalcat has stepped down from GMing Destroy the Godmodder: Terraria Edition and the community decided to choose a new GM. In the end, TrickleJest was chosen and became the new GM of DTG: Terraria, putting DLE on an indefinite hiatus, until Battlefury was chosen as the new GM of said game.

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