• I live in Orlando, Florida
  • I am Male
  • Gutza1

    Hello. Gutza1 here to announce that the DTG 1 entity list is now complete and in version 1.0. I will next be rewriting and expanding the DTG 1 summary to fit the chapter structure I introduced in the entity list.

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  • Gutza1

    Hello Everyone. I am gutza1, player of Destroy the Godmodder 2, Destroy the Godmodder Minecraft Mod developer, TVTroper, and wiki editor. This blog post will chronicle my journey to help make this wiki a comprehensive guide to all things DTG-related. As you readers may have noticed, this wiki is very, very sparse at the moment. I am trying to fix that. I have already created an entity list for DTG 1, and am almost done with it. I have also started to make pages for every entity every summoned, big or small, having UOSS-levelvs of recognision or just getting OHKO'd the first End-of-Turn-Battle after it was summoned. I don't know what I shall do after that, but I will find something. Stay tuned.

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